5th Mar 2010, 01:19

I just got my 2002 V6 3.0 liters 93,043km in October 2009.

Now March 5th, I got a lot of problems. First I have to change the front brake after a weird noise when I run over a bump, so I went to the dealer; they say it was my lower ball joint, so I take it to another place to make sure it was that. They told me it was the strut. After I did another dealer, they said it was the link, so I started to change cheaper parts first, because nobody was saying the same.

So I started with the link after the strut. Didn't work. After that I decided to change the ball joint, and the problem still there. $2500 spend and the problem still there. I am so confused, can anyone help???

6th Mar 2010, 17:26

Either I have been very lucky, or people who have actually owned a trouble-free LS do not write on this website.

I have a 2001 LS V6 Sport with the 5 sp. manual transmission that I purchased from a Ford dealer back in 2002. The car had been "executive-driven", and even though it was only a year old, had almost 52,000 miles on it. The car was out of warranty, but since it still looked and drove like brand new, and I was able to get it for half of its original list price, I bought it anyway.

I have now owned the car for almost 8 years. It has almost 120,000 miles on it now, but has to have been one of the most reliable trouble-free cars I have ever owned. Over 8 years, the car has hardly cost me anything in unusual repairs - just routine maintenance. The only repairs I have had to do are the following:

One rear window regulator (Dealer fixed it - $357)

One front wheel bearing (friend fixed it - $75)

3 ignition coils (replaced them myself - $165)

The only other things I have done are fairly normal for a car of this age - front pads and rotors (once), rear pads and rotors (twice) plus wiper blades, oil changes, and one new set of tires. The car even still has its original battery.

The car (black) still looks great, is a blast to drive, and is very comfortable to travel in. I had never owned a Ford before, but was so impressed with this Lincoln that in 2005 I bought a new Mustang GT. That car is now over 5 years old with almost 40,000 miles on it, and it too, has been great and has not required any repairs.

So say what you want about Ford reliability, but I have been very happy with both of these cars, and will probably buy another Ford when the time comes (that new Fusion Hybrid has been calling to me!)

1st Jun 2010, 23:34

$$$$$ - DO NOT BUY A LINCOLN LS - $$$$$

Own a 2000 Lincoln LS, 85,000 miles. Was great for the first 3 years after purchased with 62,000 miles. Loved it, looks great, but will be very cautious if I ever go near another American car because of the problems I've encountered with this.

Yes, one after another, all the same as posted here, but luckily not as severe, yet. Will be trying to get rid of it ASAP. I mean, why did they do this to Lincoln?! I loved my car, but now I hate it, the dealer has been great, I called the Lincoln/Ford 800 # but they really seemed to give a crap about my problems. They know it's crap, and nobody probably cares.

5th Oct 2010, 19:24


After reading all the comments, here and elsewhere, I just called my salesman and told him that I won't go through with the purchase of a 2000 LS 3.0.

I'm looking now to replace my Millenia S by another import, maybe a Solara or an Avalon.

3rd Dec 2010, 16:52

Wow, I must be the lucky one; my 2000 Lincoln LS Sport has been one of the most reliable cars that I have owned. It has 145,000 miles on it, and I have had no significant maintenance issues.

All the routine maintenance is performed in accordance to manufacturer recommendations, including the pricey 100,000 mile tune up, which included the coil pack replacement, but hey, the car runs great.

The only 2 unexpected repairs in the past 8 years have been power window regulators going out, and an airbag sensor.

2nd Feb 2011, 11:27

I own a 2000 Lincoln LS. I bought it last year after a drunk driver totaled my Impala (which I loved). The Lincoln had 111,000 miles on it - now it's at 130k. I had the driver's side door latch and something else that cost about $400 to repair (couldn't get out my drivers door from the inside, but I could open from the outside to get in).

I have the front end that humms going down the highway, the delays in the transmission from park to drive, and into reverse, but I just go easy on it so I don't get the clunk. Also the back seat covers plastic tabs break off, and the back of both the driver's and passengers seat have fallen off. I know the car is old - but come on, plastic clips?

Most annoying is the intermittent start problem that I have. It's occurred five times in the last year. The first time it was in December '09 - it was cold, it would crank, but didn't fire. I jump started it and off I went. July '10 tried starting car five times - it cranks but doesn't fire. Had it towed in, but due to the holiday and back log, it took them a week to look at it. It started right up for the mechanic - no codes, no errors - no problems. I got stuck with a $500 car rental, $100 tow job, and no resolution to my problem.

It happened again, but it started later or I'll try it or the next day etc - it starts. Took it in, they replaced the wiring harness of some sort for $270, but it still happens. I even had a new key made because mine was cracked. The mechanic believes it has to do with the security systems - yet no error codes are produced.

The "problem" with "intermittent problems" is that everyone has an idea, unfortunately you pay for that idea. Personally, I don't plan on replacing battery cables that are good, fuel pumps that show appropriate pressure or anything else after reading these posts. When it stays "not started" (LOL) I'll have it towed to the dealer so hopefully the problem can be reasonably fixed - if not - it's scrapout time. Until then I pay the price by not taking the car out of town - I rent one instead and get "delayed" four or five times a year from the no start situation.

I wouldn't buy another stinkin' Lincoln, but I say that about any car I've purchased used or new. How about the Plymouth Horizon I bought brand new off the lot many moons ago that would "shut down" as I was driving down the highway - literally all systems turned off - no power steering, no power brakes - no power. Four map sensors later and seven years - it still did the same thing.

Vehicles are an evil necessity - it beats walking!