21st Jun 2007, 07:28

I have owned my 2000 LS V6, loaded, from the very beginning with only 7 miles on the odometer. It now has 97,000 miles. This car has been essentially flawless. The only 'major' problems I've had were the rear window regulators, which lincoln knew was a problem by the 2002 model year.

I have babied this car and it has paid off - with few to no problems. Still original battery, etc.

I just ordered a front wheel bearing - as they are starting to go - the front is around $103 and the rears list for $48 a piece for the parts (front is the whole hub with speed sensor, too). The front looks easy enough to replace without complicated specialized tools - so I'm going to attempt to change out myself. I can't imagine the rear's being that difficult that they would cost $850 to fix - especially when they cost $48! That means at $30 an hour labor - it took the repair shop 26.7 hours to fix it. You people are being ripped off! I'm sure the rear ones are more difficult - since the axles would be involved and may require special tools, but come on...

My advice would be to find a V6 version that has been babied like mine. You will be happy. No valve cover problems. The engine has been flawless! Plus, you get slightly better mileage. I get 23-25 mpg on my regular fill-ups and up to 27 on highway trips. Yes, I do buy the recommended 93 octane fuel, too.

21st Jun 2007, 13:54

I have had all the same problems with my 01 LS, they are pieces of sh*t. The front end knocking is caused by bad swaybar bushings. Unfortunately FMC has made the bushings obsolete, so you have to by a complete new swaybar for 125.00 dollars, I had a mechanic friend install it, as this IS NOT a due it yourself job. (subframe has to be dropped). The valve cover gaskets are what cause the rough idle, oil leaks into the sparkplug well and shorts out the coils. To the person earlier that said shops only Charge $30.00 an hour, what year do you live in 1981, Labor rates are $80.00 an hr and up. Also I have the 17 in chrome wheels and the chrome is actually cracking and coming off, Ford said "Too Bad".it a shame such a nice vehicle is such a lemon. Might I add that I baby this car, I run a AutoGlass shop and it is parked inside everyday, and in winter I wash the salt off and let it dry under a heater everyday. Bottom line if you are considering purchasing a LS, DO NOT!!! Get a German Luxury vehicle as they actually care about the quality of there cars. Hope this helps.

Also the regulator problem is annoying, but can be tackled by the most newbie backyard mechanics, we see them all day at my Shop and can now complete the entire job in 10 min.

8th Aug 2007, 09:46

I must agree this car is nothing, but a pretty looking lemon. I bought the car about two years ago and since then I put about $4000 worth of work into it. I had to get the gasket fixed, new brake and rotors done twice, my wind-shield wiper motor, the spring for my horn went, a new battery, new trans and the list goes on and on. Now my fan keeps coming on because the temp gauge keeps going up does anyone know what that can be and if so how much is that going to run me? I'm telling you I'm fed up with this car I'm trying to sell it, but I hate to sell it after I put so much money into it, but after reading your comments it makes me think if its even worth keeping.

13th Nov 2007, 11:40

Hi, I bought an 05 new and just hit 63k, the car is great. There is a kick during acceleration, but doesn't seem too bad and I was told that is due to the variable timing. The car does have a couple of rattles, but nothing too bad. The heater control valve just recently went out, but I ordered a new one for $200 and the dealership says it's a breeze to replace. I do like Lincolns as I have had 3 and all have been great vehicles.

15th Jan 2008, 13:18

I've seen numerous posts on the total electrical failure. Has anyone found the solution?

My 2002 LS V-8 just crapped out this morning. Same symptoms as have been described previously.

The check advance track light came on, and the feature was permanently turned off. Then the ABS light came and stayed on. Next my radio turned off, then my hand brake light came on. I turned off my headlights and climate control system. The radio came back on and I promptly shut that off as well.

I was on a bridge and just praying that I could make it over and turn off onto a side street.

Eventually all of the warning leds were flashing and beeping and the car lurched a few times than shut off.

I'm getting ready to have it towed, but I would really love to hear if anyone has found the answer.

Thanks in advance.


17th Jan 2008, 10:09

I just had the same problem. I own a 2001 LS V8 and the check charging system light came on. I changed the battery and it still doesn't work. When the car is not on all the accessories work fine, but once I start the car, if possible, the lights dim out and the car eventually stops. I thought it was the alternator, but the post say something different. Has anyone found the root cause??? HELP!

23rd Jan 2008, 15:48

I own a 2002LS V-8 with 80,000 on it, I had a lot of the same problems, bad O-rings under the valve covers which leaked into the boots ruined 4 coils. The air cond. controls went during the summer (drivers side vent would be cold the passenger side would be HOT. Ever try to replace the rear license plate lights or change some of the rear lights. I never had a problem with the heat or def. but the other day it was 8 deg. and the heater and def. started acting up it would warm up if I did not turn the fan up past about 1/4 of the way any more and it cool down... any ideas??

23rd Jan 2008, 22:25

I have a 02 LSE and about a week ago smelled burnt oil through the vents. No oil leaks on the ground, just the smell of burning oil when I am at a complete stop. Is this problem for sure replacing the valve cover gaskets or could there be a cheaper problem? Does it have to be done at a Lincoln dealership as well if that is the problem. Since everything in the engine compartment is so compact, trying to see where a possible leak is almost impossible. Oh, how much is an average price to pay for valve cover gaskets with labor and all? This thing has caused me no problems (other than warped brakes that I'm just dealing with) besides this now. Help if you can.