15th Jan 2007, 18:09

You need to get your facts straight. Spend one hour going through the entries on this website and look at the older GM, Ford, & Chrysler products from the 1980's and compare them to the big three from the 1990's to present. You'll find people are a lot happier with 80's domestics than the cheaply built plastic crapmobiles that they make today. Plastic & foam bumpers, plastic door handles, paper thin interior fabrics, cheaply made engine gaskets, and front end parts that are completely worn after 50,000 miles, I could go on and on. The fact is, although dated & boxy designs, the 1980's American cars were by far the most reliable American cars ever. Just look around and see how many are still on the road today.

15th Jan 2007, 18:18

I bed to differ about your false statements that the 80's domestics were horribly unreliable. my '88 suburban has only given me 1 problem in all 8 years that I've owned it, and that's being a daily driver since day 1. next time you go out, look and see how many old suburbans there are still out there toting around. I see at least 3 DIFFERENT ones a day.

15th Jan 2007, 19:04

Why don't you go and get a copy of "Rivethead" by a former GM line worker who almost exclusively built Suburbans in the late 1970's/1980's.

He outlines just what "quality" was put into these vehicles, especially when the workers were drunk, high, or both.

15th Jan 2007, 19:06

I looked around and didn't see many. Saw a ton of imports from that era, however.

And I live in California where rust isn't an issue.


15th Jan 2007, 19:49

Okay people, let us get back to Lincoln and off of this ubiquitous debate over imports vs. domestics. The Zephyr/MKZ seems to be a well-designed vehicle as it is built on the Mazda 6 platform and I have found the Ford Fusion/Mercury Milan to be impressive designs with promising initial quality. I hope Lincoln can develop a following like Cadillac has, because they are starting to come out with some good products that are appealing to younger adults such as myself.

15th Jan 2007, 20:30

Thanks for adding some "stability control" to the comments, "sir". I was not sure how the comments related to the Lincoln. Pleasant change of pace.

15th Jan 2007, 22:23

The new smaller Lincoln has a definite appeal to younger drivers who want more than just boring basic transportation. Lincoln quality and reliability is (and long has been) unmatched, though until recently they really offered nothing in the way of a sensibly sized car. Our family has driven Lincolns since we bought our first new one in 1984, and not a one of them has ever had a single problem of any kind. I hope to see more in the way of cars with a wider appeal from Lincoln, as it is deserving of notice in the automotive field.

17th Jan 2007, 21:34

Not only is the new small Lincoln an incredibly reliable and very high quality car, but the pricing is actually competitive with the far less luxurious and boring Camry and Accord with comparable equipment. I'd opt for the Lincoln in a second over a plain and poorly styled average sedan.

18th Jan 2007, 11:32

<< Lincoln quality and reliability is (and long has been) unmatched>.

Really? Take a gander at the LS reviews on this site. Or do you have a different definition of "unmatched" than I do?

18th Jan 2007, 16:27

You cannot compare a Lincoln to a Toyota or a Honda because they are not in the same class. But if you compare the Lincoln to Lexus and Acura it will make the Lincoln look like a pretender. Seriously who would want a lame Zephyr when they can have a Lexus IS or a Acura TSX or TL.

18th Jan 2007, 20:44

The Zephyr is priced in the same range as Camry or Accord, not Lexus. For 20 grand less I'll take the Lincoln any day. And Lexus is just a pricey Camry, by the way.

19th Jan 2007, 20:17

Comparing a Lincoln Zephyer to a Camry or Accord...it's a no-brainer! The Zephyer is more stylish, looks 10x better, and offers a lot more for your money! In the luxury segment, I think the new Cadillac DTS or CTS is #1 with the Zephyer being a close second. But if you want performance + luxury, check out a top of the line 300C Hemi!

22nd Jan 2007, 13:10

It is funny, I am the original poster of the original comment here, and upon checking up on everyone's responses, I am mortified! Somehow it became a platform for the debate between foreign and domestic.

Bringing it back to my review... I bought an gorgeous American sedan that I am proud to drive in this country. I personally feel that this Zephyr IS on a higher pedestal than Camry, Accord, Acura, Lexus AND Cadillac. I wonder, has anyone who claimed that those mentioned are better than my Zephyr actually LOOK INSIDE ONE? It has the utmost conservative, high-end classy interior which almost rivals the look of a Rolls Royce. NONE, I mean NONE of those competitors, especially any Toyota could even come close.

I love love love my new car and chose it specifically over the imports. So for anyone telling me that I made a bad purchase...well, let me tell you, I would much rather be seen in a stately Lincoln than any Lexus or Acura... for the streets are over crowded with them!!! Has anyone even thought of that... how many Zephyrs do you see? I would never conform to an asian car that will rot out!

22nd Jan 2007, 17:09

Have you actually looked inside the imports? And Lincoln has horrible quality and ridiculous resale value. They even changed the name of your car after the first model year - says a lot about the company.

If I was ever to buy one of these it would be after two years or so, after they are selling for around $10K, if that. If you want to know the future of your car just look at the Catera.

23rd Jan 2007, 07:49

That is because a lot of people seem to be too smart to buy what Lincoln is selling when they can get a more superior car; Cadillac CTS, Lexus IS, BMW 3 series, or Chrysler 300C are a few of them. The Lincoln is SUPPOSED to be a luxury vehicle, why is it being compared to a Camry or an Accord.

I will say the interior is nice, but do not compare it with a Rolls Royce that is just pure ignorance.

23rd Jan 2007, 16:35

I don't know of any knowledgeable person who would compare the Lincoln Zephyr to a Camry or Accord (which are cheap economy cars).

As for the Rolls Royce interior, if you'll look you'll see it really IS similar to the quality of the Zephyr. With Ford's excellent build quality and reliability I find it a far wiser choice than any other vehicle in its price range or even beyond.

The CTS IS a very good car, and it is another excellent choice because it also possesses great reliability and unique styling that does not scream "LOOK AT ME, I'm JAPANESE". I prefer the Lincoln simply because of the superior build quality and greater reliability.

Jaguar was a JOKE as far as reliability until Ford took it over, and now, with Ford's greater quality control, it has become a world class luxury car with excellent reliability. Lincoln has benefited from that same high build quality for DECADES.

People are quickly waking up to the fact that Ford Motor Company vehicles are some of the best in the world. You will probably see more Lincolns now that Nissan, Toyota and Honda have received so much negative publicity regarding poor build quality and major safety defects. Since Lexus, Acura and Infinity are just pricier versions of these economy cars their market will no doubt suffer too.