2005 Mazda 6 TS2 2.0 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Better engineered and better to drive than my old Passat


Totally fault free.

General Comments:

This is so far living up to my claims that if you want a well built, reliable car, nobody does it better than the Japanese.

My 2002 Passat TDI 130 SE came up for replacement and much as I liked it, I got sick of the niggling faults. In 86000 miles it needed a clutch replacement, a MAF sensor replacement, two water leaks repaired, a gear linkage replacement, an alarm ECU replacement and two new fuel injectors. Even though I didn't pick up the bill for any of this, I was disgusted by the poor engineering of the car.

I looked around the market and was pleased to see this nicely specced Mazda 6 came well within budget. So far I am delighted.

The 2.0 diesel engine comes from the Mondeo TDCi series and it performs brilliantly. It's maybe not as flexible right at the bottom end as the VW PD 130 unit, but it pulls harder up top, and is smoother, quieter and far sweeter. On balance, this feels a little faster than the Passat, although it's probably similar in real terms. One thing it can't match the Passat for however is economy. The 42 mpg average I have seen so far is a little disappointing when the Passat could easily manage 50 mpg under similar driving conditions.

Handling, steering and brakes are all excellent for this type of car, and the car will reward a sporting driving style by displaying excellent body control, front end bite and feel through the steering. The Passat by contrast used to buck and float when the pace was upped, and the steering was so numb you never really knew what the front wheels were doing. As a drivers car, the 6 is to the Passat what an MX-5 is to a mk4 Golf GTI. You could tolerate either, but you know which you'd choose.

The specification of the TS2 is generous, reliability is so far flawless, and Mazda's helpful, courteous, "nothing is too much trouble" dealers are in a different league to VW's arrogant, surly and unco-operative ones. In VW's defence though, if my Passat was anything to go by, they have a much higher repair and fault finding workload than Mazda whose cars just seem to run between services and never need any attention elsewhere. No wonder the technicians and desk personnel are in a better mood.

Overall very pleased with my decision. I think the Japanese car industry has just won a lifelong fan if this is anything to go by. Put it this way, I will never be suckered by the high screen price of a German car again. I don't need image that badly.

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Review Date: 15th June, 2006

2005 Mazda 6 TS 2.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


Good value, nice size and sporty looks


Vibration in Driver's door which is very noticeable over rough road surfaces, garage seems to think it is something to do with the safety belt I think otherwise, I had a courtesy car of the same model and that made the same noise, maybe they are all like that.

General Comments:

My car is the latest model with the new style wheels and looks very sporty in pacific blue although the paint seems to scratch quite easily, but I think that is a problem with all dark coloured cars.

The car has a very sporty drive and sounds quite throaty with the twin exhausts, but because the drive is firm you feel every bump in the road and the car seems tram-line on some surfaces which requires a firm hand on the steering wheel as to not lose the car.

The build quality is acceptable, but doesn't feel anywhere near as robust as my 2004 Vectra estate.

This car is a petrol whereas my previous car was a diesel and took a bit of adjusting to with mid-range performance, but OK now.

I bought the car brand new unregistered for £13000 which saved me about £3000 which I think was a good deal.

I sometimes wish I had bought a new shape vectra, but the money I lost on my other vectra was alarming and I believe the Mazda holds it's money a little, bit better.

The kit in the car is very good with Climate, 4 electric windows, cruise control and nice looking alloys, the only thing missing which I really miss is traction control which I think should be standard on the 2.0 model as the slightest touch too hard on the accelerator sends the wheels spinning.

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Review Date: 9th March, 2006