2005 Mazda 6 Classic 4cl 2.3 from Australia and New Zealand


None (touch wood). Too soon to say.

General Comments:

I found these reviews interesting when we were deciding which car to buy, so I'm returning the favour.

We've just bought the 2005 classic wagon and are delighted. It's the new 'face-lift' model with 5 speed auto transmission and 'activematic' which isn't entirely dissimilar to driving a manual.

Being used to larger 6cl cars, I was concerned that a 4cl car would seem slow. However, I'm pleased to report that the 4cl 6 appears to have plenty of go (enough for me anyway). It actually feels pretty gutsy at 3000rpm plus.

The interior is great. Everything is quite conventional and easy to operate. The quality of the fit-out appears to be high. The display panel combines air con, trip computer, audio and outside temperature info. For me this works really well. The seats are comfortable and the cabin is roomier than I had expected.

It seems to me that the 6 is not as quiet as an Accord, but it certainly isn't noisy. It actually seems to have quite a pleasant, throaty noise when you rev it up a bit. Ride seems to be smooth and comfortable.

The cargo space accommodates bulky prams etc without any drama.

All positive so far. What's the downside? The grille assembly seems a little fragile - time will tell how durable it is. Also, I don't seem to be able to adjust the tilt of the drivers seat (not the seat back - the seat). Seat is v. comfortable nonetheless. Leg room in the back seat is tighter than in a full-sized family car (no surprise I guess). The floor of the cargo space is plastic and may not be strong enough for any lunatics planning to cart bricks around in it.

Bear in mind that this is the opinion of a non petrol head, but to summarise: I love it and can't see the novelty wearing off for some time.

It's only been a few days, so if I become aware of any significant shortcoming I'll post another comment.

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Review Date: 16th October, 2005

29th Oct 2006, 01:21

I recently spent around two weeks test driving a whole range of cars.

One of the first I drone was the mazda 6 wagon (classic 2006 model). It was fantastic - I had been driving a V6 commodore before that so the power difference was noticeable, but not as great as I thought it would be. The Mazda 6 actually surprised me in terms of it's power. Though not mind-blowing, it is more than adequate for a great driving experience.

The fit out inside was well thought through and delivered with quality. The handling is what really blew me away - It drived more like a BMW than anything else. Taking corners is effortless and extremely comfortable. The transmission is a little frustrating once you are around 100km/h and want to overtake - there is considerable delay from pedal to power (but it still surprises considering it is a 4 cyl). NB: I have a few friends that recently bought a 6 wagon and a SP23 and they both found a noticeable increase in power and response time after about 3000 ks. I was obviously test driving a dealer vehicle with 100ks on the clock.

The space is incredible in the back. The seats are comfortable and the general experience was fantastic. We unfortunately had to put our purchase off for a little while, but I can thoroughly recommend this car to anyone looking for a solid family (yet cool and sporty) ride.

2005 Mazda 6 Elegance 2.0 petrol from Finland


Unquestionably enjoyable


Car was bought on 31st August 05 and generally very pleased with it, but the dealer leaves a lot to be desired, shoddy frankly. Cars in Finland must have an engine warmer fitted due to the Arctic winter, the dealer had left out over a litre of coolant when I inspected it a few days later, potential disaster. Oil level oddly low too, a general nonchalance and reluctance to do much about these things.

General Comments:

The above comments should be offset by the car's character and many vitues. It is an 05 face-lifted model and it looks very appealing, the 17" alloys look purposeful and do not degrade ride comfort. The interior is well made and laid out, the seats being very good (not as good as my previous Volvo S40, see my review, but NOTHING is). Impressive too is gearbox action with 6 speeds, clutch and the steering are both very reassuring. The first time I drove a Mazda 6 a couple of years back, I was put off by the noise levels. The new one is very much quieter and a little more powerful, yet the fuel consumption is extremely good for a large roomy car. 7.0 litres/100 is not difficult on a run. The interior space and one fold seats are excellent, why can't all hatchbacks use this simple flat floor system? Trees have been taken to my summer house in it, well, small ones, but anyway. Headlights are well up to the job, brakes powerful, ride good and chassis action superb. I do miss the auto dip rear mirror, a stupid omission on a new car (can one be fitted does anyone know?) and the light in the boot is not auto switch on off nor has the central locking got 1 door open anti hijack another false economy. Very pleasant to own, drive and use.

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Review Date: 6th October, 2005

23rd Dec 2006, 13:06

Update to my original article: Now passed 30,000kms mark and has been to France and UK. The ONLY fault has been a headlamp bulb blowing and as daylight headlamp use is the law in Finland, bulbs blow quicker than elsewhere. Still extremely pleased with the car, found a new and competent dealer too. Heating and ventilation superb, so too are the headlights. The upholstery which is light beige has stood up to dirt and grime amazingly well. I can strongly recommend this car as it is very pleasant to drive, is practical and very reliable. My garage is very narrow so there have been a few scrapes, but otherwise the car feels brand new after 30k kms and two arctic winters.

2005 Mazda 6 I from North America


I had never known true love before I bought my Mazda6


Within two days of taking her home, the check engine light lit up on the dash. I took her back to the dealer and they were able to fix it. Apparently the seal around the gas tank was cracked. They replaced it, and I was out and on my way in a matter of an hour.

One afternoon I realized that the rear dome light was hanging loose from the roof of the car. Pushed it back in, no problems since.

I think my speakers were improperly installed. It sounds like one is blown out.

General Comments:

I was in a car accident and the rental company hooked me up with a Mazda6. I fell head over heels in love within the first day. I knew I couldn’t get attached, but I was still so smitten that when I was told my car was going to be totaled out, I knew what I was going to get. I finally ended up with a 05 Steel Grey Mazda6. I love her. I love the way she looks, the way she handles…she is an extremely capable car, and considering my driving habits, she is an extremely safe car.

The seats are wonderfully comfortable and easily adjustable.

I have been having a lot of fun with the automatic sport shift. She is quick and handles like a demon. She also has curves in all the right spots.

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Review Date: 17th September, 2005

8th Sep 2006, 06:31

I had the same problem with the seal around the gas tank. Only problem I've ever encountered with my 6.

2005 Mazda 6 TS 2.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


Excellent to drive and excellent value for money


Nothing - completely reliable so far.

General Comments:

I am very pleased that I chose this car. It drives very well with excellent handling and enough power.

It is very comfortable, the climate control and cruise control are excellent features.

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Review Date: 24th July, 2005