1991 Mazda B2200 from North America


The little truck that can


Seats have worn and they have been very uncomfortable right from the get go.

Carpet has worn at the door.

Oil leaks slowly.

At 224000 km. it would blow blue only on start-up and only until it was warm.

Gas gauge stopped working at 210000 km.

Thank ogd for the trip meter.

Have had some problems with the carburetor.

Very costly to replace tail lights, even used. (Vandalism)

Total rebuild of the engine at 255400 km. including seat, and valves.

General Comments:

This has been an overall awesome truck.

Has hauled some awfully big loads with a utility trailer attached and still makes it up the Hope-Princeton Highway. without a problem.

Once the engine was rebuilt, due to continuous blue smoke no matter how long you let it warm up, it has run without a problem.

Cost for the rebuild was approx $800.00 so for the years I have had the truck it has far exceeded any cost I have put into it.

Regular maintenance is the most I've really spent on it.

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Review Date: 18th May, 2004

24th Aug 2005, 01:19

Hey, I just got a 1991 Mazda b2200 and I have to rebuild the engine in it, what did you get done when it was rebuilt?

If you could email me back, my email is racer_X_523@hotmail.com.

1991 Mazda B2200 Club Cab 2.2L from North America


Little Work Horse


Problems with the Carburetor.

Front bumper Cover is rusting I'm told that is common on Mazda trucks!

Not very powerful! Not what I expected.

Does not loose or use A drop of oil. Even for its age.

Dealer tried to get out of replacing parts within the thirty day warranty. The Dealer ended up having to replace both front rotors, Brake Pads, Rear brake shoes, And last, but not least The rear brake drums. 1 For Me 0 For Dealer.

Minor little repairs.

General Comments:

Overall the truck has been a little bother some, but It's gotten me to where I need to go.. Good work Mazda!

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Review Date: 22nd June, 2003

2nd Jan 2009, 20:04

I just bought a 91 B2200 extended cab for $800 canadian dollars. 112,000km. light blue. body excellent. Gets good mileage but seems gutless. Compression excellent (150-160psi all 4 cyl) Would appreciate any suggestions. Love to get small camper for it but barely keeps up with traffic empty.

1991 Mazda B2200 2.2 4 cylinder from North America


Better than your average heart attack


The seats are falling apart.

My engine started leaking oil at approximately 180,000 kilometers.

The oil leaks get progressively worse every day.

General Comments:

The dealership did not know that I had a second catalytic converter, hence creating about 18 hours of blind labor for me.

It's very difficult to fix a problem when the service technicians for your make and model of vehicle are completely inept.

This truck is a nightmare.

Something always seems to go wrong with it, just when you've fixed the previous problem.

My advice, don't fix whatever seems to be wrong with it, and it can't get any worse.

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Review Date: 20th February, 2003

1st Jun 2007, 06:58

217000 km and its giving trouble, what a lemon eh. Get a daewoo and when it blows up at 30,000, you will appreciate just how tough and dependable these pick ups are. Mine has never had a spanner put to it apart from normal servicing, and its got 300,000km on the clock, still looks good and it gets nothing, but abuse day in and out. In 18 hours, you should have been able to remove every major component, and replace them. What the heck were you trying to do? They are a simple machine, maybe the mechanic was the problem, not the machine.

30th Nov 2010, 01:38

The B2200 is not a speed machine, but you can put on headers and other tweaks to make it more of a racer. But it is a basic light truck. I have a 1990 with 196000 km, and just did an in truck engine rebuild - replaced rings, valves seals and etc and new head gasket. I've got plenty of power, but I will not beat anyone in a race.

I suggest you find a good independent mechanic and not a dealer mechanic. The dealer mechanics just do the basic lubes and brake jobs on relatively new vehicles. My mechanic solved my running rich problem on my B2200 by wiring a resistor into the Mazda wiring to fool the computer to make my engine run leaner. It was the same thing he has done on Civics.