C-Class 180 Elegance 1.8

Dignified, relaxed and comfortable

328 words, UK and Ireland

C-Class C280 Sport

Awesome. Comfort and fun!

100 words, North America

C-Class Elegance 2.4L petrol V6

Expensive to own and maintain

17 words, Botswana

C-Class 2.0 petrol

Great; will buy another

65 words, UK and Ireland, 1 comment

C-Class C180 Esprit 1.8L

Real Mercedes-Benz car

59 words, Jordan

C-Class C200 2.0L petrol

Good, but should be better for a Merc

45 words, UK and Ireland

C-Class 200 Elegance 2.0L petrol

Only buy a brand new one

95 words, UK and Ireland

C-Class C230 2.3

Lovely car

55 words, North America

C-Class C200K 2.0 supercharged

Very good worker for the money

51 words, Sweden

C-Class 200 kompressor 200 kompressor

GREAT!!! I love it

122 words, Serbia

C-Class C200 Elegance 2.0 petrol

Well balanced and elegant

192 words, Malaysia, 1 comment

C-Class C200 Elegance 2.0L 4 cylinder

Excellent build quality from Mercedes

344 words, Fiji Islands, 4 comments

C-Class C 220 Classic diesel

Great car, bullet proof engine

105 words, Bosnia and Herzegovina

C-Class C240 Sport 2.4 V6

Deeply disappointing

199 words, UK and Ireland, 2 comments

C-Class C200 2.0

Solid, reliable and comfortable

129 words, UK and Ireland, 1 comment

C-Class C180 Esprit 1.8

A comfortable, well built wagon that's fun to drive

48 words, Germany

C-Class c-230 2.3 gas

Not like the Mercedes-Benz I heard about

194 words, North America

C-Class C280 2.8L

Fantastic car, only wish the paint had held up

183 words, North America, 7 comments

C-Class C230 4 cylinder gas

Nice on the outside only

160 words, North America

C-Class C230

A reliable car, but costly to maintain and operate

82 words, North America, 1 comment

C-Class C 180 Classic 1.8

The C180 is comfortable, but badly underpowered

113 words, South Africa

C-Class C230

An affordable luxury car

180 words, North America

C-Class 180 Sport 1.8

A good looking, well made car

205 words, UK and Ireland

C-Class C200 Sport 2.0

Great value family car!

30 words, UK and Ireland

C-Class Classic 2.2 CDI

23 words, Belgium

C-Class C180 Esprit 1.8

126 words, UK and Ireland, 6 comments

C-Class C180 Elegance 1.8

30 words, UK and Ireland

C-Class C180 Classic 1.8

60 words, South Africa