2002 Mercury Mountaineer AWD V6 from North America



General Comments:

I received the 2002 AWD V6 Mountaineer as a gift for my high school graduation. Besides being reliable for about the first year I had it, the SUV certainly taught me a good lesson. I will FOR CERTAIN be looking into any reoccurring problems that happen with any other future car I choose.

Like I said, the first year was just dandy, but then it went downhill. There have been so many problems that I can barely remember all of them. To name a few:

- In each of the last 4 years that I've had it I have had to replace a wheel bearing. Something I'm learning should not have to happen.

- My transmission fuel lines clogged without any warning, and completely disabled my transmission.. leading me to have to get my transmission replaced for the first time.

- Somewhere in the process of getting a new transmission and a bad rain storm, I learned that a wire from my computer had somehow fallen on the exhaust pipe.. This time disabling the computer that apparently acts as the heart of the SUV.

- My overdrive light tends to flicker on and off, but the mechanics say there doesn't seem to be a problem with it.

- The motor on my drivers side window just decided it wanted to stop working.

- Not that I should be driving over 70 mph, but the steering wheel shakes rather uncontrollably after 70. And yes I've had my tires rotated, and yes I've had my wheels aligned, but once again the mechanics don't seem to notice a problem.

- Just recently, the transmission started to slip out of gear. I'd be at a light, or a stop sign, or even in the middle of the highway, and the transmission would just slip into neutral. Not something you want to happen when you're on a highway. (I had the transmission replaced for this -- NOTE THAT I AM NOW ON MY 3RD TRANSMISSION)

- And most recently, for whatever bogus reason, after I get gas the transmission slips out of gear at random. Once again while I was on the highway.

- The interior lights must have a short because they go on whenever they feel like it.. pretty annoying.

- It may not be so much of a manufacturing problem, but the remote starter has a hard time turning the engine over.

- To end with the best experience, one that I probably got the most laughs out of.. One day I was heading out for work, pushed the unlock button on the trusty remote, and my horn went ballistic. Lights were flickering (interior and exterior), locks were clicking on and off, and the horn was making music. This went on for a few minutes, when I decided to drive it to the mechanic. Sure enough it stopped as I turned off the block, and the ever so reliable mechanics at the ford dealerships found 'no problems'.

Well this kept happening.. at home in the middle of the night, in parking lots.. etc. I'm just happy it didn't start up on me in the middle of driving. I ended up having to pull the cords that are connected to the horn. No more horn problems. (although I wouldn't suggest this cause I couldn't pass my inspection until I had them replaced -- can you blame me though?)

I hope that this will persuade any prospective 2002 Mountaineer fans not to get one. I'm not sure how the other years are, but I know someone who has a 2004 Mountaineer and is on her 3rd transmission as well. But I'm sure the rest of these posts will help you decide.

For the amount of money that has been put into this truck in the last year, I could have put a nice down payment on something a bit more reliable.

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Review Date: 24th July, 2008

2002 Mercury Mountaineer 4.0 from North America


Good, dependable SUV


PCV valve, gas cap to turn off check engine light!

Left front rotor.

Replaced front wheel bearings @ 107,000 miles.

Blew intake valve @ 107,500- replaced engine.

(Under warranty) dealer replaced water pump, rear differential seal, right rear axle, rear window lift components.

General Comments:

Even though replacing the engine came with the expense of approx. $5000, we have made many safe, comfortable long distance trips with this vehicle (Multiple trips to Florida. Trips to Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Colorado, Wisconsin, etc). Also many trips towing a boat every summer. This has been a very dependable vehicle for us.

It was less expensive for us to replace the engine as to dump and purchase new again. We do our regular maintenance!

We do think the bad wheel bearings attributed to the blown valve. Pulling a camper through CO, AZ, and UT not realizing our bearings were bad, running constantly at much higher RPMs. Still wasn't happy to replace engine, don't get me wrong!

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Review Date: 21st May, 2008