1996 Mercury Sable LE 3.6 from North America


A high performance piece of junk


Engine wiring shorted.

Turn signal switch bad.

Brake rotor warped on the right side at 50,000 miles.

Tires separated and had to be replaced.

Engine service light seems to come on at random and it has to go into shop where they find nothing.

General Comments:

For the cost of this vehicle it is way overpriced for all the trouble it has given us.

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Review Date: 14th August, 2000

1996 Mercury Sable V-6 from North America


This was one of the worst cars I have ever owned


Radiator problems over and over. Front brake rotors continue to warp over and over. The car has surges of power then when it's over it's like you can't even get up a hill.

General Comments:

The was an expensive car in my opinion and it has let me down, luckily I traded it off for a new Camry.

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Review Date: 19th June, 2000

15th Aug 2001, 18:25

Re Sable

I only ever drove a Sable for 3 weeks - a hire car. I loved it.

OK, but the performance was not just as good as I would have expected from a 3.0 engine.

Interior - it was particularly comfortable. The ride was smooth.

My only dislike was the very poor turning circle.

16th Oct 2002, 14:49

I bought my 96 Sable LS from a private owner w/58,000 miles. Rides great, stylish,----but...it has developed a knock when you turn the wheel to the right or left, or if you hit the brakes harder than normal. I had 3 mechanics look at it until I found out on the net that it is the sub-frame bushings. It only does this knock when the car is warmed up, or if the weather is hot. Also, coming to a stop on an incline, the brakes shudder. I have trouble with the drivers door inside panel-it works itself loose from the door, and makes the door ajar light and the dome light stay on. The transmission seems to buck and be erratic at times. Probably would not buy another one. I owned a Geo Prizm for 10 years and never had one bit of trouble with it.