1990 Nissan 300ZX 3.0 Twin turbo from UK and Ireland


The car is stunning and turns heads everywhere


Air mass sensor failed - this was not particularly expensive to replace.

Lower tension arm bushes - I replaced these myself with tougher poly bushes (again not particularly expensive).

Warped front brake discs - I added new discs and pads when I bought the car although the discs are beginning to warp again (I'll probably replace them with an uprated aftermarket set). The discs and pads (provided you fit them yourself) are not expensive.

General Comments:

The car is very quick even though it is an automatic. With aftermarket modifications the car has relentless acceleration and will outperform much more expensive vehicles.

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Review Date: 2nd May, 2008

1990 Nissan 300ZX 3.0 NA V6 from Australia and New Zealand




Seatbelts don't retract properly sometimes.

Rear engine seal fault at 92000 km.

General Comments:

An awesome car to drive, quick, handles like a dream, and looks the part as well. Extremely advanced for a now 17 year old car, has features that still aren't stock on higher end new cars. Full electrics (windows mirrors seats, aerial etc)

However the boots lid weighs a tonne, requires both arms to lift, and it is won't to burn some serious rubber, tyre replacements are needed every 30000km or so.

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Review Date: 17th April, 2007

1990 Nissan 300ZX VG30DE from North America


The Japanese Corvette, that inspires a pavement shattering confidence


PTU seems to be acting up at 157000 miles giving the car a terrible idle, and no power.

General Comments:

I've had this car for about two years now, and really have yet to find anything majorly wrong with it. It has taken the car to 157000 miles in order for something to finally go wrong.

This is a car that not everyone will like because it simply will not fit most people's personalities or budget in one way or another. Its expensive to fill up, its expensive to insure, and they are generally expensive to buy. The work they might require is expensive as well as keeping tires on it is expensive. As you can see, this car isn't cheap in almost any way. But, like the bad, there is the good.

Performance is a major plus. Even the non turbo is quite fast considering it's a 6 cylinder. When stacked up against other cars with the same liter and cylinder count, its performance is amazing. 222 horsepower is something to be proud of in a naturally aspirated car, and with many companies supporting a twin turbo conversion, its hard to pass down a cheap 2+2 model when they come along.

The appearance of the exterior is a major plus on this car as any enthusiast will tell you. If you like they way they look on the outside, Your sure to like the look on the inside.

Interior of this car is much like you would expect. The appearance is rather decieving though. You assume you won't have much room, but any model of the 1990+ 300zx has plently of leg room, head room, and seating for the two forward passengers. Any more than two people though will cramp everyone in the car, making life miserable. The rear seats in the 2+2 should be used only for storage, and emergency seating. With the forward seats pushed the entire way back, there is more than enough room for two, with lots of comfort.

Pedals are well placed, and in the vein of a serious race car. The shifter is placed well, though a little low for me, but an aftermarket shift knob allows that to change. Passengers will say that they feel as though they are in a jet.

Suspension is simply amazing. Tight corners feel like nothing, and the car's grip (with good tires) is speed inspiring.

This car is a pretty mixed bag to a normal person. They will love the feeling of the power, yet hate it when they have to seat more than another single person. This is a car built for perfomance enthusiasts. My car is modded to stage 6, and anyone looking at the interior will instantly say "this isn't made for towing people, is it?" The lack of a cd player or radio, and a low V8-like growl shouts this fact. I don't drive it to casually drive here or there. I drive it to feel the speed, test the cars and my own limits.

When stacked up against other performance cars the Z quickly climbs to the top. It doesn't need AWD with Nissan suspension. The true V6 design is a marvel and will continually surprise you and anyone you race.

After owning this car, I will always have one.

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Review Date: 12th October, 2006