1990 Nissan 300ZX Twin turbo from UK and Ireland


A super car that's just sheer crazy with the potential to be just manic!


I had to replace the Power Transistor Unit (these units have an annoying habit of breaking down unless you relocate them on the 300ZX as they are close to where all the heat is generated). A couple of bad hoses needed to be fixed and it is best to change the oil at least every 3000 miles on this car.

General Comments:

This car is stupendously quick when pushed, even in it's standard 300 HP form. Handles corners brilliantly and is just a dream to drive in the dry. Crazy and dangerous if you push it hard in the wet though. This car, despite being over 10 years old now, still out drags modern day high performance cars, including Porche, BMW and Cosworths. Engine standard has potential to handle up to 600HP! Plenty of after-market add ons to increase power. Can be costly to run and the Power Transistor Units can break down when you least suspect it. Automatic keeps the turbos running and standard 0 to 60 times of approximately 5 seconds are easily achieved. Limited electronically to 155mph, though this can be switched off if you upgrade your performance chip!

Brakes are a little weak and some owners prefer the skyline versions or an after-market disc and pad.

Steering is sweet and those big tyres let you know what road you are driving on! Standard bushes are not brilliant on the suspension/steering and upgraded ones are available.

Cabin in the front is ergonomic-ally excellent, though it is very cramped in the rear!

Running parts are expensive so shop around. Avoid Main dealers as they will exploit you!

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Review Date: 22nd April, 2002

3rd Aug 2002, 20:46

Hey, I completely agree. I'm 16 years old and I just got a used Z and it's truly a fantastic car. Now that Nissan is coming out with the new Z, I think the Nissan Z may be one of the best sports car lines in the last 20 or so years.

1990 Nissan 300ZX Coupe V6 24 Valve from North America


A very expensive car to maintain, but when it's on the road, drivers beware!


The water pump went around $73000.

Also a few gaskets had to be replaced.

I had some electrical problems which was very costly. Other than that, just wear and tear, the belts, a few hoses etc.

General Comments:

I love this car, it's so quick and fast.

Always turning heads where ever I go, wondering what kind of car that is that with its Ferrari like shape, it shines.

I'm 6'2' and this car has enough leg room for much more.

There are also many ways to make this a faster car with minor modifications.

You can only do so much to the non turbo models and still they are very fast but when you grow out of a non turbo, the sky's the limit for a Twin Turbo model.

Also getting stopped can be very expensive and I say spend the money for a really good radar detector. It's a must if you plan on driving this car.

Don't mistake this for an everyday driving car, cause it's not. It wasn't designed to be an all around everyday work car.

It's a Sunday driving, summer time car and nothing more. If you plan on buying one just be prepared to spend some money, just buying one is hardly the first step. It's the upkeep and attention for this car that many don't think about before purchasing one.

Chicks dig the car

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Review Date: 16th December, 2001

1st Jun 2002, 19:57

After many years waiting for the price to come down, I just got a beautiful 90 TT silver with some new mags.72000miles. I swear, I never knew 12 grand could ellicit so many comments about a car. Almost every day someone makes a comment at work. Everyone now thinks I must make BIG BUCKS. Its better than a promotion in someways. I have had 3 gals at work call me on the phone to ask "Is that your car? What is it?" I also have an Altima ---I drive it 70 in a 65 and everyone passes me. I drive the Z 67 in a 65 and hardly anyone passes. Granted, it ahs been lowered and has a mean looking exhaust system on it and the VOX rims set it off. Have I died and gone to heaven.