1986 Nissan 720 Pickup 4X2 Standard Cab 2.4L 240Z from North America


It's a reliable beast in a small package!


Alternator at 320000.

Seats are getting uncomfortable.

General Comments:

Wow what can I say? Just an incredibly reliable pickup. I've driven it 52,000 miles in 3 years. It rides rough, needs some suspension work, but man this thing will take me anywhere.

Don't know if the engine was rebuilt during its lifetime, but with the mileage it has, I would say it probably has been.

It's my daily driver (divorce vehicle) and I'm wondering when it will die. I doubt ever. It has served me well, and I will continue to drive it until...

Get one if you can get your hands on one.

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Review Date: 12th November, 2012

1986 Nissan 720 Pickup 2.4 from North America




Ignition modules and coils went out at 239000 miles; my fault, I got it too deep in water; modules had cracks in their cases from age, and the coils I guess just don't like water.

Auto locking jibs blew last week at around 240000. My fault as well; I guess in high range in mud, 4th gear at around 50 mph, hitting dry ground when your truck is maybe moving 5 mph, would blow even a good set of hubs.

General Comments:

This is the best mini 4x4 I have ever owned, and I have had several newer ones through the years that have not lasted.

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Review Date: 30th December, 2011

1986 Nissan 720 Pickup Sport Z24 2.4L from North America


Most reliable truck one can buy


My mother bought the car brand new off the showroom floor in '86. Once my parents got married, my dad used it as a work truck, then I took ownership in '99. I was still too young to even drive it, but it's what I wanted.

I gave it a desperately needed tune up, and ran it every day. I started using it as a daily driver in '04. Gets great mileage; 20+ in the city and 30+ highway. I have had a pretty big drop in fuel mileage though. I think it's just time for a rebuild, any other ideas will be appreciated. Throughout the life of the truck, here is what has been replaced/repaired/faulted:

Transmission - I sheared one of the dog teeth off-roading, and it got lodged in the gears. Replaced it with OE transmission and all is good.

Transfer case - Just because it came with the transmission, and I already had the old one off.

Front left brake caliper - Blew out on my dad a couple days after he had hit a good rut off-roading.

Handle on the e-brake broke - It's plastic and just got weak over the years.

Seat on driver's side exposing springs - started happening after my dad was rear-ended in it.

Carburetor rebuilt at 272000 miles - Was just old and needed it.

General Comments:

All in all, this truck is one of the most reliable trucks you could buy. I have been in many situations where I got through terrain that my friends in newer jeeps and trucks would get stuck in, and I would have to go back and help them out.

It's not a fast car... Well the two wheel drive version is relatively quick (my friend had one, didn't like to go under 90 mph with a Weber 2bbl carburetor on it). The 4x4 is not fast in any way however, but kills most cars in the off-road realm.

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Review Date: 25th August, 2011

18th Sep 2011, 12:29

I also have a 1986 Nissan 5 speed manual trans ex cab. It has been one of the best trucks that I have ever owned. We have not had to do any major repairs on it, until last week the drive shaft broke (drive line), and now we can't find one for it. I liked my truck so much.. Sad :(

1986 Nissan 720 Pickup EX Z24 from North America


The perfect truck!


The only problems I ever had from my baby were:

Transmission: the transmission was the only major problem I had. The synchronizers for third gear and reverse stripped out on me due to a bent shifter. I remedied the problem by swapping a five-speed out of an 86.5 Hardbody into the truck. The newer syncromesh transmission did the trick. This requires that you shorten the drive shaft going to the divorced transfer case. About a 3 in difficulty on the 10 scale.

Also the front stabilizer bushings are a problem point.

General Comments:

I loved that truck and my nine other Nissans/Datsuns. It went through and did so many things it should not have been able to. Three inch body lift, two inch suspension lift, snorkel, 17in. PCW rims with 295-85-17, Toyo Open Country MT's.

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Review Date: 12th May, 2011

24th Aug 2011, 21:37

I have a 1986 Nissan 720, the non-hardbody, Z24 2.4L carb 4x4 with a 5-speed. I want to install a snorkel, but I can't find a company that makes one for my truck. I did manage to find one for a 86.5 Hardbody. So my question is, did you buy a snorkel and just customize it to fit, or just custom make one from scratch? And how did you do either? Please email me at Nissan7201986@yahoo.com. Thank you.