1995 Nissan Pathfinder SE from North America


I acquired a 95 Pathfinder a month ago, and the guy who gave it to me seemed to be desperately trying to give it away.

After a week of driving, I noticed the right side in the rear had a crack in the frame. I think this is the reason why the car smells of gas, as well as it may be a broken gas line.

I still drive this car, and it makes loud noises going over small bumps in the road, but the frame is still in one piece.

The ABS light will not turn off, and I think it also has something to do with the frame crack.

Is it expensive to have the frame welded to strengthened it if it has not broken through the frame yet? Please let me know if there is a law suit; I don't want to be driving an unsafe car. nc997249@dal.ca

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Review Date: 17th February, 2010

1995 Nissan Pathfinder SE V6 from North America




I am at a loss for words. Whole frame rusted out. Nissan should repair or replace frame. The frame above the wheel wells in back has completely rotted out.

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Review Date: 15th February, 2010

15th Feb 2010, 17:07

Oh yeah, you should have no problem getting Nissan to replace the frame on a 15 year old truck...

16th Feb 2010, 06:21

Gosh it's a real shame that a 14 year old car is not like a new car.

4th Mar 2012, 14:24

Frames SHOULD last longer than the automobile itself... it's a safety issue as well as a danger on the highways or anywhere you travel.

I have a 1959 International 1/2 ton who's frame is like it was new, (yes it has been in the salt). I also have a 1952 Ford Galaxie 500, whose frame is still solid and durable. So don't say that a 15 year old steel frame should rust through like a tobacco can. Datsun and Nissan are KNOWN for high sulphur content steel, and they therefore rust exceedingly fast!

1995 Nissan Pathfinder XE 3.0 from North America


A good daily driver/fishing truck/or first car


1. Rust - frame rust to the extent that both rear frame rails have been replaced.

2. The truck will lock itself when the doors are slammed in cold weather.

3. The passenger door will no longer unlock.

4. The transmission dip stick will come out while traveling over rough terrain, causing ATF fluid to expel from the tube.

5. Tires wear badly on the front.

6.Transmission coolers are made poorly, causing my truck's tranny to blow up.

General Comments:

It's been a great truck to me... since frankly I beat it up pretty good.

My rear tires have 15k on them and they're bald.

The engine, while under powered with an auto, is still somewhat quick, and while on the highway I get 23mpg.

But the automatic transmission has gone out, and I'm currently looking to have it replaced.

While the truck is a base model XE, it does have the sport option, so it has mud guards, fender flairs, 4.60 gear ratio, and an LSD in the rear axle, and with the wider tires I put on, it was almost unstoppable.

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Review Date: 9th September, 2009

1995 Nissan Pathfinder XE 3.0 from North America


Don't buy a 90-95 Pathfinder on the east coast!!


The better question is, what things have NOT gone wrong with this car?

When I first bought my 95 Pathfinder, I fell in love with it. Even though I noticed the rear bumper was rusted pretty good. That didn't affect the performance.

It wasn't until about 4 months after purchase that things started going wrong with it.

First off, the wheel bearings went out in the front. OK, it happens, no big deal. Right?

As soon as I get this fixed, the same week, the engine overheats so bad it splits the seal in the water pump and almost cracks the entire block. I mean it suddenly overheated so bad smoke started rolling out from under the hood. Turns out the thermostat got stuck and caused it to overheat. Needless to say to get to the thermostat in Pathfinders is ridiculous! It's very difficult.

Then I had to replace the water pump seal. I remember in my Chevy S-10 the water pump pulled right out. In this I had to take out the fan, the radiator and have of the front of the engine to get to it. Not easy!

As soon as this gets all back together, I figure since I have it apart I might as well replace what I can. So I tune it up, change the plugs, the filters, fuel filter and plug wires. Now it's running great! Until I hit a bump and somehow the exhaust cracks in half. Now I'm getting fed up. I reluctantly take it to a shop to get the exhaust fixed.

The very next day, I drive the car to work and go to hit the brakes and the pedal goes straight to the floor! The brake lines were busted!!! So I pump the brakes and look under the car and brake fluid is going everywhere. I'm scared to take it to another shop because the last shop wanted me to scrap the car cause the frame is so rusted out!!! I can stick my fist in all the holes in it.

I love the shape, look and features of my Pathfinder, and I want to restore it so bad, but I have already sunk over 5 grand in it in the past year. It is not worth it, especially being in college.

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Review Date: 10th April, 2009