1995 Nissan Primera 2.0 SR20DE from Australia and New Zealand


A really good car


Brakes are shocking. They get worn out so quickly for some reason, and it goes through brake pads and discs often. It's not the driving, because I didn't have the same problems with other cars.

Transmission is starting to be sick. Changing from first to second gear is done in discomfort, but the rest of them feel fine. The car is pretty much going to be driven till it dies, so not sure about the cost to fix.

Oil drips on top of the spark plug. Have made a seal change, but the seals looked fine, and even with the new ones, it is still doing it.

Mirrors are not folding properly.

Buttons on the dash are starting to lose their lights at night.

AC stopped working (re gas needed).

General Comments:

The car is pretty much used as transportation, and nothing else. A lot of mileage is done, and this is the one which takes it all in. Everyone in family uses this to go anywhere.

The car itself is great. Used up over almost 2 years, and has always started. No breakdowns or anything like that, but it does need a lot of brake maintenance. Changed the brakes 3 times in this period of time, and this was with full brake pads, disks and fluids. All done properly, and now it will get another change (the 4th one). Unsure what this is about.

The interior is good quality, with well put together bits and pieces. Seats are good, but I am not too sure about the driver's seating position. It just feels not right, and it feels like I can't find my spot in this car. Having said that, it has good space for its size.

Driving it, I have to say the power is acceptable. Nothing too thrilling about it, but it does the job, you just need to rev a bit higher.

Handling is very good. No complaints here, and combined with 16" wheels on low profile Hankooks and a slightly lowered set of springs, it is a great car to handle with very little body roll. One of the best handling small sedans.

Consumption is not bad at all. Managed a 7.5L per 100Km while out on holiday. But a usual consumption is around 9, with half on the motorway, and half in town.


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Review Date: 13th January, 2011

1995 Nissan Primera LX 1.6 from UK and Ireland


And undervalued, under-rated car - keep your Mondeo's


Heater blower resistor was blown; if you find it only works on 4 or off then replace it, bought one from scrapyard from a Sunny for a fiver (common problem).

Radiator had no fins at all, though it never ran hot; scrappies for a tenner.

Alternator packed in (common fault).

Front passenger side suspension squeaks and bangs from time to time; suspect dry or loose bush, but there's no excessive play.

Has a habit of blowing brake light bulbs.

General Comments:

The engine is acceptable, and its performance, it's not as lively and responsive as a Vauxhall, but outshines your average Ford. Low down the engine pulls fairly nicely, but it doesn't really kick in till she passes 3500rpm, then she comes alive pulling strongly till 6-6500rpm. The engine sounds rattly and metallic, but that's due to the timing chain.

For a Nissan the handling is outstanding, the power steering doesn't feel loose and disconnected like most of them, it's positive, weighty and gives excellent feedback. The chassis is lively, flickable, holds the road yet handles with great control while still being comfortable - I've recently lowered it 40mm and it's even better, though I'm still on 175/70/14 steels.

The interiors nice, inoffensive, a bit grey and plastic, but functional and well laid out. I've put sports seats in and various other mods.

It's has a nice, clean, stylish look to it, yet anonymous too. Mine's lowered, eGT boot spoiler, sideskirts, body coloured bumpers, looks aggressive now.

Some parts are hard to get, only available from Nissan, which is a pain, while spares are available everywhere. It's easy to work on, well put together, and running costs are fairly low.

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Review Date: 17th May, 2008