1995 Nissan Primera LX 1.6 from UK and Ireland


Unsung hero


Virtually nothing, apart from a tendency to pull to the left (which I am putting down to tracking) and a few bubbles of rust on the rear edge of one of the back doors.

Radiator needed replacing when I bought the car.

General Comments:

Feels over engineered and capable of a big mileage. Not a ball of fire, but it cruises very well and holds a good motorway speed. High gearing helps cruising refinement (4000 rpm at 100 mph).

Good fuel economy (35-40 mpg). Comfortable with a decent ride and excellent seats. Well equipped (sunroof, ABS, electric windows all round etc).

It even handles pretty well, surprisingly good fun to drive down a twisty lane.

Totally anonymous looking, you can leave it anywhere.

Dislikes? None to speak of though I'd have a 2.0 litre for better performance. Parts prices can be dearer than equivalent Mondeo.

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Review Date: 24th March, 2005

1995 Nissan Primera eGT 2.0 from UK and Ireland


Expensive, when things go wrong!


My drive shaft snapped.

Front pipe and cat blew.

Passenger side c. v joint and boot changed.

Front suspension link replaced.

Front brake pads replaced.

Front window and passenger window jammed.

I can hear water noise from passenger side!!

Total spent £600 and the m.o.t runs out in the next month!!!

General Comments:

My god, the car is aw some, I love it to bits, but its really hurting me in the pocket!

It's got alloys, leather, everything!!!

Very fast after 4000rpm!!!

Love racing on the motorway, wicked pick up speed.

Its in black, with tints, looks deadly!

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Review Date: 11th August, 2004

11th Dec 2008, 22:50

Most of the items replaced here are consumable items that all cars need, such as brakes, cats, exhausts, suspension rubbers and mounts etc.

The windows, OK but loads of other cars suffer from problem electric windows, and the CV joint and driveshaft would not have failed if you had checked the rubber CV boot regularly for damage. Once the CV boot splits, all the grease gets contaminated with road dirt and grit, which wrecks the CV joint and then it starts to click on full lock. If you ignored this then the driveshaft failed, then that's not the car's fault, it's yours for neglect.

The water noise is air in the heater matrix, and can be caused by a leaking heater matrix or other water leak from the cooling system, a failing head gasket, or just simply from lack of coolant in the radiator. My Primera has started making this water noise, and I have put some Radweld in it in case the heater matrix might be starting to leak - it's nothing serious and most older cars need a new heater matrix at some time or other.

Primera's are good cars, but they need maintaining just the same as any other car. Buy a Renault Laguna or Megane, then you will know the meaning of a crap and unreliable car!

1995 Nissan Primera LX 2 litre from UK and Ireland


Lots of power and comfort very reliable car


Nothing has gone wrong with this car it needed a new lambda sensor on its mot, but that's wear and tear.

General Comments:

I'm really pleased with this car it wants to go its hard not to put your foot down and handy when you need to pull away quick.

My wife loves the size of the boot and comfort of this car.

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Review Date: 8th May, 2004

1995 Nissan Primera slx 1.6 16v from UK and Ireland


A car worth hunting and driving a reasonable distance to get your hands on one


Exhaust blew shortly after acquisition, but due to high mileage I was not bothered. Also cheap to fix.

Car is gathering water under passenger foot well. seals somewhere I guess are gone. Cured by parking car sloping roof to drivers side.

Fixed door seals later and no problem.

General Comments:

For the high mileage it came with I expected this to be a temp car at 995 pounds, but engine still runs sweet now and have fallen in love with the amount of extras on this car.

My first car with ABS, which at first I thought why because the brakes were so much stronger and smoother than the previous car, but soon appreciated as first child on bike came shooting out of a side road.

Didn't even know I had traction control for first few months.

I have driven many cars for companies and owned in the past Mini, Escort, 214si, BMW 520i SE and the Nissan wins in all categories apart from its oversized rear end in city driving.

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Review Date: 5th April, 2004