1995 Nissan Primera DLX diesel from UK and Ireland


Gutless money drain


Dodgy lights, a consistent problem - gets through a lot of bulbs - intermittent problem proving difficult to fix.

Otherwise 100% reliable.

General Comments:

The original gutless wonder, 6 gear changes every time the road points even slightly up, three down three back up again. It has the acceleration of a dead hippo. Drive it on the motorway or not at all.

The handling is simply outstanding, however. It needs to be believe me.

The worst seats and driving position/pedal location I've ever experienced, despite multi-adjustable driver's seat. My osteopath's bill has increased exponentially.

Depreciation is terrifying - I paid £6000 for this car two years ago, it's now worth £2000. I make that £80 a week depreciation. Buy a VW.

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Review Date: 26th January, 2001

4th Dec 2002, 17:21

Hi I'm Rob.

I used a Primera 2.0 Dlx 'N' reg for 4 years on the Taxis. I travelled a total of 286'000 miles in the car and agree the power is absolutely terrible! However I notice your previous car was a ZX Furio - Which is a high powered sports car. Therefore I think you are being a bit harsh. Find it difficult to understand the price difference between purchase and re-sale over 2 years. Sounds like you may have paid too much in the first place. If you still like the idea of Primera ownership I would suggest a 2.0 petrol version as they really are good.

All the best.


28th Aug 2007, 01:13

You outta 39 other owners of a primera 1995 dislike it, hmmmmmmmmm seems very strange to me.

25th Feb 2010, 17:37

I have a 96 P reg 2.0d LX. It's a car that puts a smile on my face. It's not that slow and is brilliant on diesel, cost me £300, and corners like it's on rails. A brilliant tool.

6th May 2011, 15:09

We have also a Nissan Primera 2.0 dLX. We bought it today for €950,-. Also today, we discovered that the dynamo doesn't load the battery at all... (on the day we have bought the car...). We would drive the car to the back of the house, but the car won't start. The engine was just warm, so we could push the car on... (not very easy, but...), also the lights are duff. So what I think is that the car is terrible, annoying, and difficult to fix.

1995 Nissan Primera eGT 2.0 from UK and Ireland


Like it's sister the Almera GTi, the Primera eGT is one seriously underrated car


Knocking noise from the front side of the car under hard acceleration, suspect the constant velocity joint or drive shaft. Must get it seen to as soon as possible.

General Comments:

Excellent overall car, handling is top notch, in a different league from the Mondeo or Vectra. My car has been lowered about 50 mm with 16" alloys, I am not sure if this has made it better or worse as it was like this when I bought it.

Build quality superb, again better than the Mondeo or Vectra.

The car is fairly quick but not really rapid, could do with a 2.5 V6 engined model.

Cabin a little small, not enough headroom really for 6' plus people.

Everything is electric which is nice until it goes wrong!

The only minor niggle is that the gear change is not as good as it could be. More so changing down into second gear, must try some fully synthetic gearbox oil to see if this helps.

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Review Date: 23rd January, 2001

17th Apr 2001, 16:23

I agree, I've just bought a K registered '93 eGT for £1900. I love the firm ride and superb handling. I've owned a MKII Golf in the past and that was a very reliable car, but the Primera's handling is in another league.

The engine seems very flexible and it doesn't complain at low revs, but it can't catch my Honda Civic VTi (160bhp) beast which red lines at 8K.

1st Aug 2004, 09:55

I just purchased a 95 eGT, for £850, black, leathers, alloys, electric, tints, wicked! But unfortunately I didn't read the comments made by people on your site and I fell victim! First of all the electric windows failed, the drive shaft snapped in half, silencer failed and I can't even find spares for it!!! But I love the car so much!