1995 Nissan Primera TE 2.0 from Australia and New Zealand


Great performance, reliability, and economy, a little hard in the suspension, but all round great


Replaced a front C.V. boot only.

General Comments:

This car has proved very reliable and economical, and I have generally been very happy with my Primera.

The only points I would change or insist on in a future Primera purchase are:

Digital climate control

6 speaker CD player (included standard in new models)

Improved cornering capability, and hopefully a little more comfort (hard suspension) in the ride, but without forsaking performance.

If Nissan/Primera can meet these needs, I would seriously consider a Primera again.

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Review Date: 14th February, 2008

1995 Nissan Primera SRi 2.0 from UK and Ireland


Great value for the money and very underrated


Timing chain snapped, bent some valves in the process; what a nightmare to fix, new valves, chain etc, tensioner etc.

Been stood for 3 years due to company car. Come to use Primera again, run for 2 or 3 seconds and died, engine dash light on, read the code as 143, Nissan stated this code does not exist as everybody else. I don't give in easy and found it to be the immobilizer, unplugged it and the car works fine, engine light still flashes, but runs OK. Took it for MOT and passed with no work except for next paragraph.

ABS light on when above approx 5 MPH. Tested resistances of ABS sensors and found 1 dirty connection; cleaned it and all OK now.

I love the car, it is not bad on fuel, and handles extremely well. Catch me if you can on corners, but is prone to sliding in the wet. A local garage fitted very cheap tyres though, the best at cornering I've ever driven.

'Comes on the cam' is the term used in the motor industry, this car does come alive after 4000 RPM, and it gets there fairly rapidly. Below that it is dull as regard to performance.

The most reliable car to date I've had. Still original discs, suspension, everything except for the chain giving in.

General Comments:

Fantastic in the dry for cornering.

Interior is OK, but has not cracked due to the sun like some cars have.

Standard wheels look very dull.

Seats very comfy.

Massive boot.

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Review Date: 1st July, 2007

1995 Nissan Primera SLX 1.6i from Finland


Reliable, well handling car at a very good value!


Alternator burned (stator burned-not brush fault!) at 220 000km. According dealer a common problem with 1.6 engines, but NOT on 2.0 engines of this year. Apparently different sub suppliers or design.

Heater was performing very poorly, and according previous owner he had it for service several times for same thing. After some hours of investigation found it a simple problem to correct: The sleeve of the operating wire to the "hot/cold valve" (behind the radio) was only held in place by a clip, so was moving with wire and not allowing full opening and full closing of valve. Tightened it with 2 plastic tie-wraps and got wonderful heating. 1 year ago, and problem not repeated.

Connectors for headlights both burned/ poor connection with a few months apart. Easy to change and just a few Eur.

General Comments:

Overall very happy with the car.

Very reliable and starts easy in the cold Finnish winter.

Engine not powerful, but adequate - fuel economy great! Handles surprisingly well..."too sporty" handling for those wishing a more soft and comfortable ride (like my dad).

Was body coated / tectyl when new, and so far no rust signs (!) Pretty impressive for a 10 year old Japanese car.

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Review Date: 6th June, 2006

15th Jun 2006, 15:18

I had similar problem with burned alternator, and 1,6 engine. Shop guy told root cause was Nissan designers under-protecting their alternator - alternator starts to overheat when trying to reach nominal voltage for battery... suited perfect with me finding the battery notingly weak for several months before alternator burned... and even needing start help a couple of times... so keep an eye on battery, and don't wait too long (like I did) if it starts to be cranky...