1998 Nissan Primera SLX 2.0 from UK and Ireland


Would definitely buy another Nissan


Nothing, except the radio display, fuel warning light, and normal wear and tear items such as tyres and light bulbs.

General Comments:

I bought this car back in May 2008, with 124,000 miles. It now has 132,000 miles on the clock (Jan 09).

I was a bit nervous about buying a high mileage car, but it drove well and had very fluid steering. I have driven a 2008 Astra with worse steering than this.

I needed a cheap larger automatic for under a grand. Looking through adverts, I actually bought this as a rush purchase. I accidentally saw the advert for this car (I wouldn't looked at a Nissan, would normally have looked at your normal Mondeos and Vectras).

This car is seriously under rated as a car; they just don't break. Most reliable car I have ever had the pleasure of owning.

The car seems to run better higher up in the gears. This is because it hasn't really been driven at motorway speeds for six years. When floored they pick up well, and the kickdown is really effective. But seriously, why did Nissan not sell more of these things? They are more solid than the Vectra and Mondeo. I will keep this car for years.

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Review Date: 1st January, 2009

27th Jan 2009, 04:15

This review is not exaggerated. I've had my 1998 SLX auto hatchback since 1999. It has now done just over 100,000. It has needed nothing other than routine repairs: tyres, exhaust etc. It sailed clear through its first five MOT's. It is still performing and driving as well as ever. It is the best car I have ever had. I have been driving since 1964.

JH. Dumfries.

15th May 2009, 10:59

I bought a new 2.0 SE hatchback Primera in Jan 1999. Still driving it and no repairs except for a new clutch. Still delighted with the car and see no reason to change.

9th Aug 2010, 18:45

I bought Nissan Primera 1.6 1998 in 2008 with 92,000 miles.

Zero problems, apart from normal tyres, exhaust plus one two services.

Just bought 1998 Nissan Primera SLX Auto, 92,000 miles and all specs... This car is just as good as the first Primera, but a whole lot better too because of the specs. But, what amazing cars. The last manual Primera I considered the best car I have ever had. Now, of course, I am shocked by the easy comfortable, perfect car that I have purchased for £990. The last Primera taken in part exchange for £500!!!

The front bearings were beginning to rattle, and 39,000 miles in two years, plus tiny bit of clutch beginning to slip and engaging right at top of pedal release. So, time to change! But hey, this second Primera 2.0i Auto SLX is absolutely amazing!! What an incredibly luxurious drive, and reliability! Why was this car not feted hugely???!!! I love 'em!!

Why do people throw their money away so easily on all the new cars??? (Good thing they do, though, economy wise! Good luck to them!) I prefer to spend any spare on seeing the world etc.... we are not around that long! Cheers D.

1998 Nissan Primera Si 5dr A/C 1.6i 16v from UK and Ireland


Highly recommended!!!


When I was driving the car above 25mph, I could hear a humming sound coming from the off side rear; thought it was gonna be expensive!! Possible wheel bearing etc. Decided after a week of driving to check the tyre PSI, which was showing 16 bar. (should be around 32psi)

On sorting all 4 corners with air (costing 20p) the car stopped making the noise and felt more composed, and overall more enjoyable to drive. Amazing!

General Comments:

After searching and getting desperate to buy anything reliable, I stumbled across this baby. I paid £1060, knocking the guy down from £1250. Full service history, tax and test, electrics and A/C... bonus!!!

Very impressed with the condition both inside and out, but have to put up with the colour (red).

Very airy cabin and a massive boot in contrast to my previous car (Astra 1996).

Super smooth engine on start up/drive. No nasty noises; it's chain driven as opposed to cambelt, so no worries their.

Fuel economy wise?? It's good 75 miles (motorway/city) with £10 unleaded (at a frightening 1.10 per litre and going up as per usual!)

Originally looking for a diesel, but I'm so glad I didn't buy any of the dogs I viewed.

For the money I couldn't have done better. It may look like a taxi, but I suppose that's a testament to the success of such cars.

If you're gonna get one, you won't regret it.

The car does everything you would expect from a Japanese hatch!

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Review Date: 27th April, 2008