20th Sep 2005, 05:04

Hey, I have a 1987 N13 Pulsar Q which has the 1.8 in it. I agree with you as well on the responsive part, especially in 3rd or 4th gear, she just picks up and goes. I recently did the gearbox in the car and I have noticed that the car is always very hot after being run round for half an hour or so, I've noticed that the thermofan rarely even turns on to cool the car down, and that my ECU light comes on sometimes as well. I have not had one breakdown (besides the gearbox) to date and I've had the car for over a year. The driver seat in the car is oh so comfortable and I enjoy driving my nice pulsar. I always bottom out in that car, and its very low when fully laiden. My exhaust is squashed and my sump is dented because of this. I'm thinking of putting a new exhaust and a pod filter on it soon and see what happens, hopefully ill have myself I nice smick pulsar that I can show off :)

26th Mar 2006, 18:01

I have the same car, but mine is a 1990 model. I bought mine for about $800.00 AUD and have spent $500 on it for servicing and parts. I have recently put a pod filter on the engine, and man you guys should see the difference it makes. Apart from the performance, I got the car in a pretty good condition because my mate has looked after it well enough to last this long.

The ECU lights and stuff, I think you might want to check the Alternator as it might be shorting itself out. As for the Radiator Fan it could be the heat sensor or the thermostat located next to the Timing Belt. Hopefully that helps.

Anyway I'm getting it ported and polished, hopefully it gives me a little bit more power as I'm allowing more air to get in the engine.

1st Apr 2006, 03:14

I just recently purchased an N13 vector, but only realised after I brought it that the instrument cluster does not work properly my odometer turns on n off and my fuel gauge never gives me an accurate reading. I only paid 1800 for it. but would any of you guys know where I could find a new cluster as they stopped selling them from Nissan 2 years ago.

28th Apr 2006, 10:45

Hi with the instrument cluster on the n13 pulsar vector there is a small chip in the back that may have burnt out, so you may have to find a working 2nd hand one or know an electrician.

With the overheating try changing the thermostat if possible as the original only turns on at about 90-100 Degrees!!

Hopes this helps had same problem with cluster had to buy from Adelaide.

16th May 2006, 05:24

Hey guys I had the same problem with the ECU light turning on all the time. I bought the car fro $2500 and the only problem I have had is with the head gasket that blew. but that was only $35 to fix. To fix the ECU light all I had to do was reconnect to O2 sensor as it had shaken lose. if you don't know where this is it's a small cable only bout 3mm thick that runs near the oil dipstick. there should be a clip there that just needs pushing in.

28th Jun 2006, 02:39

I own a 88 1.8 liter Pulsar Vector and it's a piece of crap when handled in the rain. I don't know why?

My engine needs to be worked and my suspension strutted with springs and shocks.

I think it has potential to be worked to beat Skylines as any car would with a crazy driver, and with the right motor work, and fuel lines and pistons to handle octane fuel, I think it would make an improvement without a turbo, and munch on most things on the road...

17th Aug 2006, 05:15

I have a 90 model Nissan Pulsar Q (N13).

I need some feedback as to how I can fix her. The motor turns over, but won't start. I have tried changing the spark plugs, leads, coil and the Distributor cap. What next?

24th Aug 2006, 22:49

The wiring connector on the back of the instrument cluster overheats on these models. My local wrecker has heaps of N13s and charged me $10 for the circuit board. Also the ECU computers overheat and this stops the thermo fans from working. I got exchange computer from Nissan for $165. Hope this helps.

11th Sep 2006, 21:14

I had a problem with my Pulsar not long ago, I was not getting any spark, nor was I getting fuel.

The fix for my problem was the black control module that is mounted inside of the distributor, and also the pick-up coil that is in there as well.

Hope this fixes your problem.

11th Feb 2007, 19:59

I have a 1988 Pulsar Q, which I bought for AUS $5000 8 years ago in my first Uni year. For some reason the odometer has frozen at 286000kms (not sure how long this has been), but the speedo still works. Seats are great, excellent torque for up hills and if you push it will go.

Electric mirrors, A/C and power steering - what more can you ask for. A real bargain.

2nd May 2007, 09:17

In regards to the radiator fan switching on in reverse: It does this to circulate gas in the air-con system to stop the seals drying out. If the gas is particularly low however, it won't do this to avoid damage to the A/C compressor.

For more info on the 'ECM' light and its causes and fixes, visit www.pulsar.org.au and search! ;)

14th Dec 2007, 20:56

Hey fellas, I own an n13 Pulsar with the cam tech 1.8 liter engine. Err the little thermo fan does not work at all! I ran power from the battery to the thermo fan and it worked, so the fan is not rooted, so I went and bought a thermo fan sensor for it. Now the task is to find out where it goes, NOT BEHIND THE THERMOSTAT!! It looks like a bung for the radiator I thought, but there is nowhere on the radiator to put it, so can ya help me?


4th Jan 2008, 18:43

My Pulsar reebok has 2 fans behind the radiator which don't seem to be working.. and it gets very hot very quickly, but the dashboard temp gauge dose not move up at all and stays on cold - is this the thermostat for oil or water???

Can I replace it easily and will that make the fans go?

12th Jan 2008, 00:48

I think that was me making comments about the Pulsar Reebok. Took it to the mechanic who replaced both the thermostats attached to the front and back of the water pump, and now temp gauge works; a big fan turns on when it gets hot and cools it down pretty quickly.

The smaller fan I think may belong to the air conditioner, which is not putting out any cold air at all, so I think it's out of gas???

19th Mar 2008, 04:23

Hello to fellow Nissan Pulsar/Vector owners.

I bought my 1989 Vector Ti in 2002 for my daughter to drive from Melbourne to Ballarat to attend uni. It had 170.000 kms on it when we got it; she has since finished uni and now has her own car, a new Astra, and now I use it as my weekend car. It now has 238.000kms on it. My car has the 1.8 litre and is a 5 speed manual.

I have had most of the problems with my car as you all seem to have had.

My one exception is the water pump, which seized and broke the new timing belt, and wrecked valves and rockers; cost $1.100 to fix. Change the water pump every time you have the timing belt changed; costs around $100.00, not much for peace of mind.

My car was using a lot of fuel. Went to a Nissan dealer and spoke to the service manager there, and he said to put the 95c thermostat in it, because the engine needs to run at that temp so the computer can send less fuel to the engine. Otherwise the computer thinks the engine is still cold. That made a huge difference and got even better fuel consumption by using Shell V Power. My car has plenty of power and can embarrass me in 2nd & 3rd gears in the wet.

For my trips to the border of 600 km round trip, the car needs another gear eg a 6th gear if you like, because at an indicated 110km/h my revs are 3300, which is a bit high I think.

I am no young driver as I am nearing 62, but yes I love my little Vector very much.

Cheers from Stewart C.