31st May 2012, 05:49

My son purchased a 1990 Pulsar N13 Q for $200. A bit rough when we picked it up, but I was surprised at the condition of the body for a 22 year old car. It was as solid as a rock! No rust at all in it. The engine was cooked thru a blown hose and resultant head gasket.

After quite a few trips back and forth to the wreckers, it lives to see many more days. Now RWC and reg'd.

Came with following: Lowered, mags, tinted windows all round, extractors and sports system, integrated alarm/keyless entry, electric mirrors. Cost him around $1800 to get it to RWC condition, new tyres, windscreen, motor, tie rod ends, CV joint boots, roof lining, front bumper, dash.

I'm actually surprised at just how well this little thing goes!!

8th Jun 2012, 22:17

Hey guys, I have been reading the comments about the ECM light. I own a 1990 Nissan Pulsar Reebok N13 S2. I have changed all the spark leads and it still comes on.. I used a wire brush to roughen the service on the clip inside the lead (which sits over the spark plug) and squeezed it tight.. The ECM light turned off, then turned on. I checked the leads and the clip was loose... But anyways, it seems like a lot of these have ECM issues LOL :P

But on the other hand, will a normal Pulsar Q14 or any other Pulsar body kit fit my car? I am having troubles finding a Reebok body kit... Please email me gta_skyline@hotmail.com if you have any suggestions!

27th Oct 2012, 01:26

It seems your fuel isn't getting in.

27th Oct 2012, 01:30

Buy some injector cleaner, and give it 1 treatment, then run the fuel down to very low, and fill it up with 98 octane. Keep doing this and never have the fuel below half. Always buy the same fuel from the same fuel shop.

Try this for a month, and I bet your problems will disappear...

1st Aug 2013, 05:31

Yes, correct, the fans come on, and so does the air con in reverse. It's normal...

7th Sep 2013, 17:35

I have had the same problem, after getting a distributor from the wreckers. I carried out a full electrical test on the pickup coil and high tension coil according to the car's manual. I had voltage up to the coil and distributor, but no spark. The only logical thing left was the distributor ECM. To make a spark, you need pulsating DC voltage. As the magnetic points pass each other, the induced voltage is picked up by the pickup coil, and then fed to the ECM, which should then charge the high tension coil. As the pickup coil discharges, the collapsing magnetic field should cause a spark. I have yet to do a test on the ECM. I am getting a new one to try. If a new one works, I will let you know. I also wondering if something else in the circuit is inhibiting the voltage to the distributor and coil.

17th Jun 2014, 14:16

If your ECM light keeps coming on, you should look at changing the computer box under the passenger seat. It also could be the sensor on the rear side of the motor (driver's side).

16th Nov 2015, 12:09

We have just brought our daughter a Nissan Pulsar N13 1990. It kept stalling and dying, so I replaced the battery and alternator, thinking this may solve the power problem. The car still stalls, but now mainly at night, so I'm thinking the lights may be a problem??? Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

5th Dec 2019, 06:50

10 years ago I posted... I'm the last n13 Pulsar on the roads.... runs schmick... I'll ride till I die or she caves in.

Service it myself... no rip off sales servicemen... no million dollar ECU and sensor replacements... no fob key rip offs... no 200 dollars a tyre... no 2500 exhaust system replacement... on and on... they won't get a cent out of me... all hail the N13!!

16th Dec 2019, 23:30

Hello All!

I just bought a $500 1989 Nissan Pulsar Vector 1.8L with 80,000 og km on the clock and it's in great condition.

The only problem is that the A/C does not work (not surprised for a 30 year old car), but just wondering if they were any common problems within the A/C system that could be fixed.

No, these cars are not all dead, yet.

17th Dec 2019, 22:22

Does anyone know why my N13 Vector's A/C is not working?

The clutch engages, the radiator fans start and air circulates through the cabin, but the air is warm.

It probably is the lack of gas, but I hope not :(