Kelisa GXI 1.0 twincam 3 cylinder

Very underrated fantastic car

321 words, UK and Ireland, 13 comments


Kelisa GXI 1.0L petrol

Excellent car for two

53 words, Sri Lanka

Kelisa GXI 1.0

159 words, Singapore, 1 comment

Kelisa GXi 850 c.c.

Still, the best value for money

260 words, Malaysia

Kelisa EZi 1.0 DOHC

Great performance and fuel economy

108 words, Malaysia, 2 comments


Kelisa GXi 1.0 petrol

As cheap as motoring gets - and endearing too

1459 words, UK and Ireland, 2 comments


Kelisa GXi 1.0L

A lovely car, saves fuel, reliable, extremely fun to drive

728 words, Malaysia, 2 comments

Kelisa EX

Economical, sporty and value for money

26 words, Malaysia, 1 comment

Kelisa GLX 1.0

A sound, reliable and economical car

49 words, UK and Ireland

Kelisa EZi 12 Valve EFi DOHC

Engineered for Fun

219 words, Malaysia, 17 comments


Kelisa EZi 1.0 EFI DOHC

Reliable auto car, Value for money

105 words, Malaysia

Kelisa GXi 1.0L petrol

I must have down-graded from previous car comfort

65 words, Singapore

Kelisa Ez 1.0

Very costly mistake

193 words, Singapore, 9 comments

Kelisa GXi 1.0

A high spec car in a bargain basement class!

179 words, UK and Ireland, 5 comments

Kelisa Limited Edition 1.0 petrol

Excellent nippy car, but the price is a bit steep (RM34000)

73 words, Malaysia, 16 comments