2000 Peugeot 206 RX 1.4 gasoline from Lebanon


Do not make the same mistake, get Japanese or German


Everything went wrong, the gearbox had issues, the computer system as well, sensors... I bought the car for $7600 and spent $3500 on repairs in 11 months.

General Comments:

It's a good looking car, but rotten from the inside.

Even though this car isn't new, but everyone who gets a Peugeot 206, especially the automatic transmission ones, suffers big time. Let alone the spare parts being low in quality and high in price.

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Review Date: 24th November, 2009

21st Jan 2010, 12:35

I'm sorry but you have a 206 RX or RC, cause there is a big difference.. I'm just wondering if you're mistaken between the RC and the XR?

2000 Peugeot 206 s16 2.0 from Australia and New Zealand


The safest small car in the world

General Comments:

This car saved my life.

I was hit head on at 100km an hour on a southern road in New Zealand. The other driver slipped on the ice, crossed the center line, and was killed in the accident.

The front of my 206 disintegrated taking all the impact. The engine dropped below the car as it should do. I walked out of the car with only fractures. The crash investigators said they would recommend Peugeot to everyone they met.

This is a seriously safe car.

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Review Date: 5th July, 2009

2000 Peugeot 206 GTi 2.0 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


The term 'pocket rocket' was coined for this car



General Comments:

Fantastic: the perfect hot hatch in my view. Just the right size for me (a single guy, who does carry adults in the rear fairly regularly). Ride/handling compromise is fantastic; ride is firm, but well controlled and not at all uncomfortable. Handles terrifically, for a relatively tall front drive car (though, I think it handles very well by any standard). Acceleration is wonderful, at any speed, the throttle response is (I think this is the best word) URGENT. And it's not just what it does, it's the way it does it, the engine is silky smooth (but with a very nice note when the revs climb) and the thing just FLIES along. It gets up to and cruises at speeds of 180 to 190 km/h so easily and quietly and without drama, it's ridiculous. Brakes are very good, pulling the car up smoothly and smartly, and are confidence-inspiring. Very well equipped: airbags all over the place, climate control, rain sensing wipers, etc, etc. It only misses out on cruise control, but for what I paid for it, it's fantastically well-equipped.

It's superbly finished, feels very solid and reliable. To top it all off, the styling is wonderful: very stylish, very European.

Oh, and the factory-fitted stereo is wonderful, you can crank it to the max, and it's still perfectly clear, without distortion. I do miss having a CD stacker (I've a ton of CDs, and in a manual car in particular, swapping them on the move is a bit of a chore, but that is nit-picking. Besides, one can fit a stacker...)

I'd forgotten how much fun driving could be until I got this thing. It even makes driving in traffic fun (the way you can instantly zap into gaps in the traffic is heaps of fun).

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Review Date: 8th November, 2006

9th Nov 2006, 07:55

"The term 'pocket rocket' was coined for this car"

- When it comes to Peugeots, "Pocket Rock" is more like it!

2000 Peugeot 206 GLX 1.4 from UK and Ireland


It's a good all rounder!


Not a lot really, just one front tyre wore down quicker than the rest at 20.000miles.

The rain sensitive wipers can get a bit carried away if you have them on for along time. Have never replaced the sensor though.

General Comments:

It's a fun car to drive.

It looks good with either men or women driving it.

Its cheap to run.

Very comfortable.

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Review Date: 24th November, 2005

2000 Peugeot 206 1.1 from Portugal


Tougher than you think


Battery replacement after four years; problems with steering, complete failure of central lock system and some other trouble in the engine. All these problems were very annoying, but not too expensive to repair.

General Comments:

This is the house second car, so it doesn’t get all the attention we give to our number one car (a Toyota). It’s always parked outside the garage even in very hot summer days and it’s always used for the “heavy and dirty work”.

It provides a comfortable ride with a smooth, but clumsy suspension. Driving position is good, but visibility is poor. The dashboard is beautiful and free of rattles until now, though the doors have lots of them. Seats are comfortable and made with fabrics that resist to hard using. However, sewings are weak and foam is loosing shape. The cabin carpet is hard to clean.

The 1.1 petrol engine uses old-fashioned and noisy technology, but it’s economic.

My 206 has a panoramic electric roof that always worked very well without maintenance. Never had leaking problems, but the dark glass is fading because of the sun.

I never followed all the Peugeot’s maintenance schedule, which can explain some problems I had… We bought it brand new nearly six years ago. I didn’t want to because it didn’t look solid, but my wife insisted…

I can’t say I’m disappointed, but the car is starting to look and feel old and boring.

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Review Date: 15th November, 2005