1995 Plymouth Neon Highline 2.0 Liter from North America


Cute, reliable, and fun to drive


Front brakes wore out at 26,000 miles and 49,000 miles and had to replace them and a rotor (at 23,000 miles) due to the damage of the brakes.

I got new spark plugs at 32,000 miles.

Needed new thermostat and gasket at 35,000 miles.

The horn went out at 36,000 miles and had to be replaced.

More park plugs had to be replaced at 49,000 miles.

Just recently my speedometer broke (57,000 miles). I have not yet found the cause to the problem.

General Comments:

This car gets great gas mileage and has always run fine for me.

The problems that I have had are mostly wear and tear. My dad likes to work on cars, so most of the repairs have been very minimal at cost.

I've had my car since I learned to drive and loved it from day one. However, after reading some other comments on this page I am a little worried that things may start to go wrong in my car. Mostly, though, I am confident that my car will be good to me!

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Review Date: 28th July, 2002

1995 Plymouth Neon from North America


2000 pound dust collector


Paint chips on the black trim.

When getting on highway, in 4th gear it starts to bog down and you have to back off the gas.

Speedometer goes out sometimes, mostly in hotter weather. So to keep it going I have to run with the hood popped.

Have had to slap the dash sometimes to get the control lights to come back on.

Clutch cable went out almost a month after I bought the car.

Check engine light comes on and off whenever it pleases.

Water pump went bad at 125000 miles.

Power steering just went out yesterday (126,000 miles).

Seat belt slots (where the tab fits into the slots) have lost 2 plastic covers.

It leaks oil slowly, causing me to add a quart every other week or so.

Trunk leaks slightly, but enough to ruin the carpeted interior.

General Comments:

I sold my 1991 Chevy S-10 to be better on gas, so I could save money. Well the money I saved has gone into fixing and maintaining this car.

I have read a lot of surveys on here and they mostly say the same thing about this car. Sure it's inexpensive and "cute" but I want a car to get me from point A to point B without having to worry about what is going to go wrong next.

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Review Date: 29th June, 2002

25th Aug 2002, 11:05

My 1995 Neon has a problem running any distance when it is hot outside. It seems like the fuel pump stops or shuts down. I can sit for 15-30 minutes and am able to continue?? Does anyone else have or had the same problem? If so what did you do to fix it?

1995 Plymouth Neon Highline 1.6 SOHC from North America


Please, God, please let it work today...


Replaced motor mount at 75000 miles.

Tires blew out at approx. 84000 miles, but that was due to construction on the highways.

Replaced rear driver's side strut at 85000 miles.

Replaced driver's side steering knuckle and wheel bearing at 85000 miles.

And really, there's still quite a bit left to replace, like mufflers, batteries, that rubber seal under the hood, and much much more!

General Comments:

After reading all these reviews for the '95 Neon Highline, I'd have to say I'm pretty lucky. I have had my share of problems, and they all piled on top of me at once, leaving me without my car for a solid month.

As far as performance goes, the Neon's been fairly good to me. I like having a good deal of control over acceleration, and it's good about that.

But my car is boring the heck out of me. I am so very tired of seeing so many Neons that look exactly like mine. Plus, they look way too much like Cavaliers. It hurts me to see so many people buying new ones.

So, with all the problems I've had, and am anticipating, I'd rather just sell it and buy a nice, reliable car, like a Honda CRX. And I'll never buy American again. They bore me.

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Review Date: 21st June, 2002

3rd Jul 2002, 22:34

Well, it's me again. the guy who wrote the review. one week ago, the f'ing neon broke down on me on the highway. vapor lock? malfunction in the computer module due to heat? hell if I know.

Today, same thing, only this time it happened three times on the same trip. a trip that usually takes an hour took two and a half because the neon would sputter out and die. I'd wait 20 minutes, and it'd be fine again. 15-20 minutes more driving, and I'd have to pull over again. this happened three times, and keep in mind that it's 95-100 degrees out while I wait for the stupid thing to work again.

I hate my car. I hate it good. I wanna kill my car.

21st Apr 2003, 09:09

While I like my Neon, it also has had problems sputtering and then stopping on hot days, sometimes several times on the same trip as with your description. My garage could not find anything wrong. Did you find the cause of your problem? Fuel pump, computer? Let me know. Thanks. markknutson@prodigy.net.