1995 Plymouth Neon from North America


Even with the problems it is still a wonderful car


When we first got the car from the previous owner the brakes were shot.

Since we have owned it we have given it 3 tune-ups.

The fuel line rotted in 2 different spots. This made the car die on me. I had to have it towed for $45.

To replace the fuel line itself it cost $50.

After having the fuel line fixed, it was still sluggish and would stutter to such a great extent that I thought it would die on me.

Now we have discovered that we need to replace the fuel injectors which costs $80 to $85 for each injector and there is 4 of them.

The mechanic also says that "The sock" inside the fuel tank could be clogged and said he would flush out the tank and put a new sock on it. The cost of replacing both the fuel injectors and the fuel tank will cost $500.

It leaks oil in three different spots.

Speedometer goes out all the time.

The window on the drivers side leaks water when it rains, hails or when you get the car washed.

I need to add oil ever 2 weeks or so.

General Comments:

Even thought I've had a lot go wrong with my car I still love it! The car is very comfortable except maybe for people who have very long legs.

The car has a great sound system in it and gets great bass.

It has a fairly large trunk, but if you need extra space, the back seat folds down to add more room. This comes in handy.

The car is very sporty looking and is a perfect car for a girl or guy who likes the sporty look. Mine is strawberry red and looks great in direct sunlight.

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Review Date: 15th April, 2002

1995 Plymouth Neon Highline Coupe 2.0L from North America


It's a piece of junk that needs to be destroyed


Let's see-

Blown head gasket. GOD only knows how long it's been blown. It's estimated $400 to get it fixed.

Oil always leaking, from more than one spot. I think I've put a whole case of oil in it in the past month. My driveway is literally an ocean of oil.

Windshield won't defrost.

Had to have the brakes replaced twice. They squeak every time I put them on.

Side windows leak massive quantities of air, which make it hard to heat the inside.

It gets really bad gas mileage, have to fill it up at least twice a week.

Trunk latch sticks. Takes some effort to get into the trunk.

Seat belt latches stick, making it hard to exit the vehicle on occasion.

Half the time my speedometer doesn't work, I literally bang on it, which doesn't always fix the problem.

Had to replace the Firestone tires that blew out on it, a month after I bought it. That cost me $400 bucks.

Had to have the reverse light sensor, and reverse light bulbs replaced. That cost me $100.

General Comments:

It is my first car, and I have seriously learned my lesson. I have already put more work, and money into this car than what it is worth. It has almost 100k miles on it, and I am not getting anything else on it fixed. It would just be a waste of my money.

The paint hasn't started peeling yet, but I am just waiting for it to start. I will never buy another car made by Chrysler or Dodge. They are nothing but JUNK.

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Review Date: 27th February, 2002

1995 Plymouth Neon Sport 2.0L SOHC from North America


Good bang for your buck!


Radio. The speakers in the front doors stopped working due to water damage..

The windows needed adjusting so that the door could close..

General Comments:

The car has 140,000km on it and I still haven't had to replace the head gasket.

Car handles nice in all weathers.

With the 5-speed manual it's quick off the line.

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Review Date: 27th November, 2001