2000 Pontiac Bonneville from North America




Engine blew at 72,000 miles. The cylinder head, pistons, valves and cylinder walls were all scored and damaged with holes. I had to replace the engine at a cost of $4200. This should not happen with such low miles.

General Comments:

I like driving the car, but reliability and cost are more important.

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Review Date: 29th December, 2003

2000 Pontiac Bonneville SSEI 3.0 turbo from North America


Great accleration and power


I am extremely disappointed with the overall reliability of the car.

Within 2 months the traction control module went out.

Then the steering started to grind at low speed (5mph) turns, then the windows started to drop from the tracks.

The dealer to their credit have repaired it every time it has been brought in except for the steering.

It is now in for the fifth time in 2 years because of the grinding steering noise.

General Comments:

Dealer has been concerned, but unable to repair steering grind.

Is there anyone else with the same steering problem?

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Review Date: 28th October, 2003

27th Dec 2003, 08:44

Have your dealer install a secondary steering shaft. I had mine replaced under warranty, and it fixed the problem.

21st Jan 2004, 21:36

Mine makes the same noise. WTF!!! I spent $2k on the front end and suspension and it still makes that noise. are you sure that replacing the secondary steering shaft will fix the problem? I'm dying to find out what is making that awfull noise.

22nd Jan 2004, 19:37

Have the steering shaft lubricated. There is a SB about it. Happened to me and after $150 CDN back to normal.

Questions? mkniaziew@hotmail.com.

2000 Pontiac Bonneville SSEi 3.8 Supercharged from North America


A great solution car that fulfills the family sedan, luxury and sports car needs!


I now own two Pontiacs, a 2001 Grand Prix SE and the 2000 Bonny. The only problem we have had, and it's happen to both cars is with the power windows regulator. All four windows on the Grand Prix and one window on the Bonny. The dealer says it an issue in the real hot climates. Fortunately all under warranty, dealer states it's a $400 repair.

General Comments:

This car is great for the ego. It get alot of looks, young and old. I love my Bonny.

This is the fastest car I have driven since the early 70's. No matter how fast your going there's more power available.

The car handles very well, the steering is very responsive.

Creature comforts and controls!! You can tell the Designers put a lot of thought into driver ergonomics, such as the instrumentation and steering wheel controls for the radio. I love the HUD, it really helps in keeping your eyes on the road.

The seats are extremely comfortable. And the 2 driver adjustment controls are great, your settings are always there for you.

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Review Date: 12th October, 2003

2000 Pontiac Bonneville ssei supercharged from North America


High performance to the Max


The car runs perfect, even good on gas getting 430 miles on a tank full.

However the car has a problem and continuing one on the cheap windows operating system. 1st The passenger side window went out, costing $450.00 at the dealership, Then the passenger side went out, not working/up or down. Then a week later the rear passenger side dropped down on its own. Now before I took it in again or traded it in on another, I took off the door coverings to get to see the problem and saw a cheap small cable all bent up and a plastic pulley supporting same all chewed up. Thus I put it back together and traded it in on a car I had before a left over 2003 300M. The pontiac's dealer had all kinds of good deals with cash back and all that. Great, however the still have not addressed the window problem as to my knowledge. Before the problems I was wanting to get the New GTP. thanks.

Bill of Oceanside Ca.

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Review Date: 9th September, 2003

2nd Aug 2004, 11:21

August 2004 - I've had the same problem with the windows. I just spent $400 to fix the rear driver side window for the second time. I don't ever roll down the back windows so it seemed odd that that would be the one to break twice. The front passenger side window was the other one that broke. All three times happened within 1 1/2 years.

My spare tire doesn't tighten all the way down which cause a very annoying squeaking noise.

Finally, I just had to pay $600+ because my intake was leaking antifreeze.

I love the look of this car, but wouldn't buy another one.

5th Aug 2004, 06:51

I have never owned a foreign car in my 40 plus years of driving and I have enjoyed the size of my 2000 Bonneville SE because I am tall. I bought the car new and treated it with very good service, but I had to replace the transmission, both front wheel bearing fixtures, both tie rod ends and now, the driver's side rear window is broken. GM must think that there will be a never ending line of fools that will buy their stuff. If I can find something large enough in a German or Japanese car, it's a done deal!