1986 Pontiac Fiero GT from North America


One of the best cars around


Nothing, Perfect car.

All that was done was a new engine and that was just for a project.

General Comments:

The car runs like a dream.

Sounds like a dream.

I have never had a problem with it once.

It wasn't very hard to find parts for it from used ones at a good rate.

New they cost sometimes a higher price than other cars.

Cheaper fast car that anyone could afford. (Don't have to own a money tree out back to own.)

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Review Date: 25th March, 2004

1986 Pontiac Fiero 2M4 2.5L Inline 4 from North America


A GM failure


Alternator belt snapped at 143,200 miles.

Clutch froze, it was too expensive to fix.

General Comments:

Quick, fun little American exotic.

Uncomfortable interior.

Only seated two people, but had a lot of leg room. It felt like you were sitting on the floor, though.

The body faded at a different rate as the front clip, making it look two-tone.

Hard to work on the mid-engine design.

Engine under lock-and-key, however you pop the hood, despite the fact theres only a spare tire and a radiator.

Trunk barely big enough to fit 2 full backpacks, and located right next to engine with minimal heat insulation.

Almost 2 feet between driver and passenger.

No glove compartment.

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Review Date: 26th February, 2004

14th Apr 2004, 22:26

Pontiac Fiero.

It is a fun loving car that is maintained properly like change the oil every 3,000 miles or every three months...

Will last a long time.

I have this wonderful car for 6 years and it help me save money on gas when it comes to higher gas prices.

It seats just right. It feels just right. The maintenance is dirt cheap compared to other sporty cars...

1986 Pontiac Fiero SE 2.8L V6 140HP from North America


A toy worth owning.


Head Light motor on the drivers side went a month after I bought the car. The door locks needed to be replaced at the time of purchase along with both front shocks and the master cylinder. The front seat is also torn.

General Comments:

The car, despite it's short comings in reliability, is serious fun. If I had the chance to buy another I would.

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Review Date: 2nd August, 2003

1986 Pontiac Fiero Sport Coupe 2.4 liter 4 cylinder from North America


Ferrari style, handling, and attention for a fraction of the cost


The only problems I've had with this car is people constantly asking me if it's a Ferrari, and it gets tiring beating the women away with a stick. lol. Filling it with gas can be a pain, because there's always a few people who want to ask you a million questions.

General Comments:

This is an awesome car that unfortunately carries a bad reputation. I have 3 other Fieros at this time and wouldn't get rid of a single one. The handling is on par with a Ferrari from the same era at a fraction of the cost.

I drive this car like it's a race car every time I get into it, and it's never given me a moments trouble. Highly sporty, and highly sexy.

If you just want something to drive from point A to point B, this car isn't for you. If you want to draw attention and have fun driving between points A and B, this is for you.

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Review Date: 1st August, 2003

1st Mar 2004, 05:35

Wow! We had one of these for 12 years, took several vacations in it (despite the small trunk) and had loads of fun driving it! And yes, it was an attention getter, we have had to explain to people at gas stations what it was too. We were even rear-ended (the car was actually airborne) and it came through with barely a scratch. We also had someone try to steal it in Las Vegas in 1991!!! We have lots of great memories of this car. My husband bought a 2002 Firebird last year, so he sold the Fiero to make room in the garage. I think he misses it more than he will admit. Not that the Firebird isn't fun, it just doesn't have the same feel as the Fiero!! Pontiac should bring this one back!!!