1994 Pontiac Grand Am GT 3.1 V6 from North America


A high maintenance subtle speed demon


When I first bought the car it had front end problems. I had to replace the front bushings, my car being the GT model was equipped with a more sporty suspension and none of the local auto part stores had any clue of what kind of bushings it needed. Had to wait two weeks to get the correct part from the Pontiac dealer and it was not cheap. As well as both the front drive axles failing, when the car reached about 50mph the front end started jumping up and down about half a foot first time it happened I thought I had blown a tire. Not to mention the brakes having to be replaced every 6,000 miles. As well as a badly positioned plastic vacuum line underneath the battery controlling the air duct selection in the car, but it was an easy fix with a conventional rubber vacuum hose.

As far as the interior is concerned both the windows do not work correctly my model being the two door coupe. The driver side door window is out of track and needs help rolling up, but the passenger side window rolls down side ways in its track causing damage to the inside of the door. The cheap plastic of the interior pops and crackles with every bump. The sunroof as well is in operational, a rail which the glass rides on snapped costing an arm and a leg to replace. Getting in and out of the back seats quickly wore down the plastic trim around the doors braking the trim off at the top of the cabin.

There are also some drive train problems. I have recently had to replace the motor due to extreme over heating, but it lasted 6 months overheating 4 times a day red lining the temperature gauges every time. I left me stranded in the middle of the night many times. In order to fix the problem I have replaced the radiator, installed 4 thermostats, a new water pump, and took it to 3 mechanics all saying there was nothing wrong with the car. Finely I figured out it was a bad radiator fan motor, unfortunately after the motor blew.

General Comments:

After repairing the initial problems with the car it was a really nice car for the price. It was able to give a new mustang a run for his money. Not only that, but the car hugs curves like a much more expensive sports car. I was very impressed with how it handles corners and its acceleration.

The interior was rather roomy and the bucket seats where very comfortable. But the cup holder which doubled as an ash tray was positioned directly in front of the floor shifter, making it only usable when the car was in gear. The cup holder was too small to fit any cup larger than a conventional medium drive through cup, as well as blocking the heater air conditioner controls. The Grand Am also has a very good air conditioning system, with very little cool down time and producing 60 degree air.

Did I mention the Grand Am GT with the 3.1 liter V6 is very fast. Topping out at 107 mph around 4,000 rpm due to a safety speed damper. The red line being at about 6,000 rpm, with slight modifications to the suspension and to the computer system it could easily reach speeds of 130 mph.

The body has great lines. Making the car look very sporty. With the GT package adding ground effects and a rear spoiler really top off the sport compact look. As well as adding a more sporty instrument cluster with a tachometer and a series of other gauges.

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Review Date: 20th September, 2003

1994 Pontiac Grand Am from North America


If not for the wiring, this would be a wonderful car


Many things have gone wrong with this car. Recently we had to have the alternator replaced, for the second time.

The windows do not work well. We have had to have the belts replaced twice in the windows.

The door locks have never worked.

The back doors lock fell off. Unable to replace it due to how it broke.

Seat wore out quickly. They are worn down to the foam.

Some days the lights won't turn on, some days they won't turn off! Its the same situation with the turn signals. The wiring in the car is completely shot.

General Comments:

The car over-all is a wonderful car. I hate the fact so many things have gone wrong with it. It drives like a dream and has really good get up and go. Its really a shame that its done so poorly.

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Review Date: 20th August, 2003