2000 Pontiac Grand Am SE1 gas from North America


Money pit


In a year, I replaced tie rods, a bad strut, the rack and pinion, all the hoses, a fuel switch, the back seat is loose, and it is starting to rust out.

The ride sucks. OK gas mileage, maybe 21 mpg.

There are good things; it is good in the snow with my Hankook tires, and has good pick up.

The fit's bad, finish is poor; there are large gaps in the dash, where each dash part goes together. I hope it lasts till I get a real job.

Maybe GM should learn from Honda and Toyota from craftsmanship. This most likely the last GM car I will ever own. I hear that the 07-09 Flex fuel motor burns oil, and GM thinks it is OK.

General Comments:

This Grand Am is a piece of crap. It's going to cost $1000 to fix the rack and pinion steering, so make sure the rack is good, and have this car checked out if you buy one.

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Review Date: 8th March, 2011

2000 Pontiac Grand Am GT 3.1 from North America


I made a mistake buying the Grand Am


This year alone, I have had new wheel bearings put on both sides, $264 dollars apiece.

Passenger's side had to get another bearing a week and a half later.

Changed driver's side window control, and the entire assembly inside the door.

New thermostat.

Replaced the air-conditioner.

Coolant leaking out of the reservoir; we changed the cap twice.

Positions 1 and 2 on the heater do not work.

Driver's seat wearing, and the back rest doesn't adjust.

Most recent problem, last month (Oct.) and this week Nov, we have had to use 5 gallons of anti-freeze. Today 11-10-10 I have had major leakage. In a matter of 7 hours, almost two gallons.

The car over heated at 1:30 pm. I pulled over, let the car cool down, and put in anti-freeze. The whole process took an hour. 4:30, my husband got home and checked the reservoir, and had to put almost another gallon. I only drove 10 miles. 6:30 pm I went to bible study. When I came out at 8:30, the anti-freeze was on the ground. The temperature fluctuates between 200-250 and there's a very bad odor. Plan to get another thermostat and reservoir tomorrow; it's the start of nickle and dime for me.

I have the oil changed every 3000 miles, I don't drive it hard, and when something goes wrong (like the reservoir problem) I get it fixed.

General Comments:

This has always been my dream car. I love the car's looks, and it's a ram air duel exhaust and sporty.

However it has now become a pocket hole, where my money has begun to fall through.

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Review Date: 10th November, 2010

2000 Pontiac Grand Am SE 2.4 4 cylinder from North America


Been a good car, hope this is a easy fix!


Well this car has been wonderful until now... A couple of days ago I was on the way to Williamsburg VA to see my girlfriend, and the car started acting a little funny. I set the cruise and it was fine for a while, then it automatically shut itself off. It did this several times. My transmission is also acting a little funny, and it's an automatic.

Today when I was leaving for work, the lights in the dash wouldn't come on. They usually always do, and then the fan for the heater wouldn't come on and it's cold. I'm a girl, and have never had all the problems like this at once with a car, but I know how to maintain my car. This is not from maintenance, but I was thinking it could be a computer problem. I read the issues from others, and am contemplating getting rid of the car. Little issues are easy to fix, but I'm not able to fix it myself. I want to keep the car very much, but don't want the problems I've read about. Does anyone know if this could be a computer issue or had these problems? Please email me thanks! jenniferroughton@hotmail.com

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Review Date: 2nd November, 2010