2001 Pontiac Grand Am se1 2.4 litre from North America


Not too bad


The air conditioning comes and goes.

The service engine light keeps coming on.

General Comments:

I hope this site might give me some feedback and someone out there might have the answer on why my service engine light keeps coming on. I had it checked out and it keeps saying Evap system. I've tried a gas cap and a vent solenoid, but still no better if anyone out there can help me email me at charger875@yahoo.ca. Thank you.

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Review Date: 21st May, 2004

4th Jun 2004, 19:36

Tighten your gas cap. GM cars built after 1997 have fuel tank pressure monitoring as part of the emissions system. If your gas cap is not tightened down, it will lose pressure. The system logs the loss of pressure as a fault code, which, in turn puts on the Check Engine light. Take off the cap, put it back on, tightened it down 2 turns while it clicks. The light should go off after 3-4 driving trips.

17th Jun 2004, 12:09

My 2001 Grand Am SE has had quite a few problems for the little time that I've owned it. The most recent is that the Service Vehicle Soon light is on and it won't go off. I had it put on the computer and it's not throwing off any codes. It's guzzling gas like you wouldn't believe and I can't figure out the problem. Other problems included the temperature gage not working, the turn signals and flashers wouldn't work, and my fan kicks on all the time when the car is still cold. Can anyone help me with this Service Vehicle light?

15th Jul 2004, 20:46

I have a 2001 grand am gt that I bought brand new. I have had two problems with the vehicle that I haven't been able to fix. The first problem is that I hear a constant grinding noise that seems to come from the front brakes, yet no matter what I do it doesn't go away. The second problem is that now my service engine soon light is on for the second time and the car jerks into gear. I had this problem two weeks ago and they hooked it up and said that there is nothing wrong and it was just an electrical glitch. Now it is doing the same thing and I am really concerned that I am going to have to pump a bunch of money into it. If anyone has had similar problems please help me out.

29th Mar 2005, 09:36

I own a Grand Am and my service vehicle light turned on. The problem turned out to be that one of my head lights was burnt out. If you get the bulb replaced the light will usually go off. I hope this helps you.

2001 Pontiac Grand Am GT 3.4L V6 from North America


The fastest 3.4 I've driven


I have a 2 door model. The lever to fold the seats up have broke off on both sides.

The rear rotors have been resurfaced.

The intake gasket has been replaced.

When I put the car into reverse, the Anti-lock brake light, service vehicle soon and no traction light have all came on. This has happened four times.

The Monsoon sound system sounded great until the speakers blew after only having it for one month.

I have found (re-occurring) random grease splatters on the drivers side of the car after having it washed. I had the dealer check for any torn grease boots and they found nothing.

The fuel pressure regulator has been changed at 39000 miles.

The anti-lock brake hub relays were all changed at 39000 miles.

Seems to burn power steering fluid.

Poor design to flip down the back seat. You have to open the truck and push against the back of the seat, then get back in the car and pull it down. Not very practical.

The driver's side shocks are noisy.

General Comments:

My first car was a 1994 Grand Prix Se and I never had any problems with it.

Then I bought a 1998 Chevy S-10 and that ran like a champ.

I figured that a 2001 GT would be a nice upgrade considering 175 Horse and roomy leather seating, but I have been to the dealer at least once a month for problems that they cannot fix.

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Review Date: 12th May, 2004

19th Jun 2004, 08:53

It's me again. Back with more problems. The back brakes need to be resurfaces or replaced again because they are grinding really bad. The hazard switch has been replaced and it didn't fix the ticking sound. The sound is like your turn signal being on 2 times fast without the turn signal even being on. Then my heater and air condition controls went out up to 3 and they had to replace the resistors. Right now that's about all I can think of, but the ticking sound has been to the dealer 3 times and they can't figure it out. I have read other people's reviews and they have had this problem too.