2000 Pontiac Grand Prix GT SE from North America


Great car, and would buy again!



Dealership said first the windshield was leaking; replaced, still leaked.

Next was passenger door weatherstrips; replaced, still leaking.

Next they said window passenger side leaking; wrong, replaced, still leaking.

OK, here it is, I found the leak myself, and it cost me about ten bucks. First remove the windshield wipers. Below the windshield is a cowl panel (screen) that you must remove. On the passenger side of the cowl, you will see a square opening that has foam sandwiched between two plastic pieces. Take waterproof silicone and seal all foam inner and outer surfaces. What happens is the foam drys out and shrinks, then water gets in and goes in air box and drips on the passenger floor. Let it dry and reassemble.

General Comments:

The 3.8L engine is known for reliability and over 200000 miles.

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Review Date: 7th November, 2010

2000 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP 2.8L Supercharged from North America


Great car


Transmission just went out at 160,000. Other than that and routine maintenance, the car runs great.

Be sure to change the super-charger oil every other year and dump in a bottle of Dextron every time you get the oil changed.

General Comments:

Great car. Sorry to see Pontiac go.

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Review Date: 11th August, 2010

2000 Pontiac Grand Prix 3.8L V6 from North America


Good starter car


I only bought this car for $600 from a buddy.

The car has a salvage title.

I was out of town for a softball tournament a few days ago, and my CV shaft broke. Luckily I was at a stop light, so it happened right when I got off the brake and not while I was driving. $205 fix.

The car shakes; it always does when I accelerate.

I am thinking it may need a new motor mount.

I will be getting the wheels balanced, checked for any type of bend or crack. The tires are new on the car, so I know that is not the issue.

My brights are not very bright.

My rear speakers tend to only work when it's warm outside, when the car has been in the sun, or when it is sitting with the heat on in park for 15 minutes. I was told that the circuit board in my CD player is probably broken and that may be the reason for the surround sound not working all of the time, however... I have seen a lot of reviews with this exact same car and the back speakers working very inconsistently.

The bumper is cheap. 1 touch and that sucker is destroyed. I had to replace mine. $100 fix.

My car is clearly a Minnesota car. Paint is almost non-existent on the bottom of the bumpers and fenders.

Quite a bit of rust above all wheels.

General Comments:

I beat any of those souped-up Hondas, the one Lexus I raced, and any Toyota.

0-60 in 8 seconds.

200 horsepower.

225 lbs/feet of torque.

I was told by a mechanic 2 months ago that the CV shaft "is very close to seeing its last day", and that I shouldn't even be driving to a town 5 miles away. Because I like to test my luck, I drove 4,000 miles before it finally gave out. I was very impressed that it lasted that long, and I wasn't even mad when it finally broke.

The brights are probably just going dim from use.

When the sound system works all around, it sounds amazing! It is a stock BOSE system, which is insane. Excellent quality, and the bass is strong.

The car's comfort is outstanding! So much space. Can fit a 28" X 20.5" X 21.5" sized kennel and 3 people comfortably for any length of road trip.

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Review Date: 15th May, 2010

20th May 2010, 07:24

I'm guessing that if you had the supercharged model, you'd murder corvettes right?

2000 Pontiac Grand Prix GT 3.8 V6 from North America


A pleasant surprise


Engine coolant leak due to a crack in the radiator... can't blame the car; could've been the result of a previous accident, which impacted that side of the vehicle.

EXTREMELY slow power steering rack leak; have only had to top it off once in the past two years of ownership (unfortunately GM is well known for its power steering rack leaks)

General Comments:

All I can say is wow! This was/is my first car, and well when we bought it, I was happy to get a car period, but not so excited that it was a Grand Prix, and well it surprised me. The car is extremely reliable, comfortable, and considering the gas mileage and size of the vehicle, it has considerable power... I am currently saving in hopes to purchase another one.. perhaps a GTP model??

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Review Date: 8th April, 2010