2001 Pontiac Grand Prix SE 3.1 V6 from North America


Comfortable ride, requires lots of patience from the owner


After approximately 2000 miles the check engine light came on.

Two weeks after I bought the car, on a very rainy day the driver's side power window would not close by any means.

Water was collecting in the trunk cover.

Rear passenger lights are also collecting rain water.

To top it off, a friend of main bought the same year GT model with the very same problems.

The service department at my local dealer is very helpful, they usually have the car ready within couple of hours.

General Comments:

This car is a really nice ride and performs well. Unfortunately, the quality of the final product could use improvement in many areas.

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Review Date: 8th August, 2001

2001 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP 3.8 supercharged V-6 from North America


An above average family sedan


Nothing so far.

General Comments:

This car has above average handling, speed, and good looks for a family sedan.

Many of the materials are cheap, i.e. the interior has acres of plastic, which still have rough edges where it was removed from the mold.

A small amount of torque-steer is emitted when accelerating quickly.

Headroom is limited for taller people, especially with the sunroof.

The large tail lights intrude on the accessiblity of the trunk.

Great options like the HUD, Bose stereo system, and dual climate control.

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Review Date: 7th July, 2001

2001 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP 3.8L Supercharged V6 from North America


Makes my commute a pleasure


All of the problems I have had were there when I bought the car. The dealer will be fixing most of them under warranty as soon as I can get the car in for service.

One of the door logos is wrong. It's the Grand Prix GT logo instead of GTP.

There is some rust on the wheels, but not on any of the polished areas.

The heads-up display is about 3 MPH slower than the dashboard speedometer.

The cover on the On-Star compartment in the trunk comes off very easily.

Air conditioner takes a long time to cool the car down. When the AC is running at full strength, there is a significant decrease in engine power. More so than in any other car I've driven.

General Comments:

I have a 60 minute commute through heavy traffic every day and this car makes it almost enjoyable. The power and agility make it handle any driving condition with ease. Thanks to the acceleration, I live for highway on-ramps.

The HUD is a really nice touch that always gets a good reaction from my friends.

The Bose speakers are amazing. I don't think I'll ever buy another brand of audio equipment.

The interior layout takes a little getting used to, but it's very comfortable. At night all the instrument lights are red, which is really cool.

My biggest complaint is the gas mileage. The fact that the supercharger requires premium gas makes it even worse. Although, I gladly pay for it because of the extra performance.

I debated long and hard over whether or not to get the GTP over the GT because of the expense. In the end, though, I'm glad I picked the GTP. It was well worth the extra money. I'll probably never buy a car with a small engine again.

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Review Date: 27th June, 2001

22nd Sep 2002, 00:16

How can you complain about the gas mileage... I definately do not drive my GTP like a granny and I get about 20 in the city and 33 (once 35) on the highway... for a performance car.. that is awesome!!

21st Dec 2005, 13:24

Hmm, I don't get 20 city, and I really don't drive it like a granny. My Driver Info center tells me that I'm getting an average of 16.1 MPG, which is kinda cruddy, but the car is used almost always for city driving. I really don't mind paying the extra money for it though, it's completely worth it for the power this beast produces.

10th Jun 2010, 10:55

I love this car.. it has power, handles like a dream, and your trip from 0 to 60 is always something you look forward too..

There are few maintenance issues, and it is almost at 200,000 now.

Whether that is based on a great car or luck, who's to say, but I love the room and the look and the drive of this car..

Gas prices suck, no matter what car you happen to drive nowadays, but I don't mind the gas price for this great drive..