2001 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP coupe Supercharged 3.8 Series 2 V6 from North America


This car is fun, but for all out racing, Get the Trans-Am instead


Alternator- 75,000

Wheels and supension- 84,000

Head gasket-85,000

Windsheid wipers don't spray.

General Comments:

This is the follow up to the last survey I took. When I bought this car the only thing I had in mind was going fast. The last vehicle I had was a '98 Monte Carlo Z34 with the same 3.8 liter V6.I wanted something faster, but also similar. Since I took the last survey the car's pretty much been in the shop getting fixed the whole time!I crashed into a curb going about 15-20 mph in an E-Brake slide, which easily could have been avoided. But who can resist a good drift in the snow? ($3000 later) Then I blew my engine going approximately 110 mph, resulting in a blown head gasket. These engines get really hot, as you all know, but this could have been avoided if I was running a cooler thermostat, a 180 or 160 maybe. Don't beat on this car after driving it awhile and if the temp reads higher than usual. It could be pretty bad, my engine actually started on fire!

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Review Date: 8th February, 2006

2001 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP coupe 3.8L Supercharged from North America


It's a good deal for the money, but its not a Vette. Want luxury? Buy a Lexus


New Alternator at 75,000.

Tires and Wheel Bearing replaced from hard driving.

The leathers worn down on the drivers seat.

Center console is very cheap.

Ashtray difficult to work with, none in back.

General Comments:

This car has some descent pickup, but can't keep up with many late model V8s.

Top speed is limited to 127?

Performance is lacking, a manual is needed or maybe AWD.

Typical American car flaws- bland interior, handing not great.

The car looks good and is reliable.

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Review Date: 2nd January, 2006

3rd Jan 2006, 22:01

The top speed is limited to 127 mph to keep idiots from driving any faster on public roads. IF you keep that up you'll kill yourself or someone else. The car is a highway cruiser not a sports car, you can't expect Corvette performance in a front wheel drive V6 sedan.

2001 Pontiac Grand Prix SE 3.1 from North America


Beautiful car, Mechanically challenged


Ticking sound coming from engine-35000.


EGR valve-37300.

Headlamps flicker-38400.

Water pump-39600.

Windshield wipers stuck-40800.

General Comments:

Don't let the looks of this car fool you. The Grand Prix is a beautiful piece of garbage. I thought that I was getting such a good deal. I bought the car from a local Pontiac dealer with only 33000 miles on it. Now I know why the previous owner had traded it in. The dealer has been o help whatsoever with this car. I traded in a Ford Taurus for this, a car that had very few issues, even with 160,000 miles.

The 3.1 Engine in this car is known to be troublesome. I found that out after I bought the car. The engine provides decent power, but don't expect to be thrown back in your seat. The transmission on this car is also problematic. Overall the car is comfortable, but the seats are a little stiff, especially after long trips. It returns decent gas mileage when its running right. I will never own another GM product.

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Review Date: 23rd December, 2005

4th Feb 2006, 21:02

I have the same car and have owned it since day 1 and I have had no problems what-so-ever! If you drove it right and got it serviced when it needed it than it wouldn't have given you any problems. One OF the Best Cars Out there!

3rd May 2006, 21:31

Get 2 or 3 other opinions. He may be taking you for a ride to get money. I'd be suspicious. Go to 2 or 3 other shops, not connected in any way to this one.

26th Jun 2007, 06:54

Hello... I just purchased a 2001 Grand Prix from a pre-owned dealer. The car was running good until a couple of weeks after I've owned it. It makes noises when you start up the car, the check engine light stays on and off, my gas gauge wasn't working properly as well my water pump. My car stays in the the service more than I drive it. This vehicle is a piece of junk!!! I would never ever get another GM product as long as I live.

20th Dec 2010, 15:07

I'm going through the same issue here. I have a 2001 Grand-Prix as well, I believe with few problems.

My "check engine light" is on steady, what should I do? I've checked my gas cap 2 see if it is tight, the fuel is never low, and I've driven it around the block for few hours, no changes. Any suggestions?

11th Jul 2011, 01:33

I bought my 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix used with 89k miles on it. It had been taken care of very well and serviced regularly. I have had no problems with the car at all. Any time a person buys a used vehicle and has no knowledge of cars, they should take the car to a mechanic. It's easy to buy a piece of crap when buying a used vehicle. I think a lot of the complaints I've read aren't because the Pontiac is bad; the used cars purchased were most likely abused. I love my Grand Prix, and plan to drive it till it simply wears out.