2001 Pontiac Grand Prix GT 3.8 from North America


Best bang for the buck hands down!!


Had to replace the alternator and battery due to the car sitting for six months.

Replaced tail lights because the lens separated from the housing and looked terrible.

Replaced the stereo because it wouldn't illuminate anymore.

General Comments:

I absolutely love this car!! With regular maintenance and a little TLC, this car is worth every penny!

I'm almost over 200,000Km, and the engine and transmission are purring like new still. I've put synthetic oil and trans fluid in since day one, and stay on top of all fluids as they are the lifelines of the car's dependability!!

I don't have the supercharger, but I feel that the 3.8L is a great stand alone engine, very dependable and decent power.

The ride quality is still great; I'm still riding the stock suspension?!

Every make and model will have it's lemons, you can't see them coming, but I know that the Grand Prix GT I've been driving has made me a Pontiac fan, and I'd drive another one if mine was ever written off!!

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Review Date: 14th February, 2008

2001 Pontiac Grand Prix GT 3.8 Series II from North America


Grand prix's best look and design


I bought the car Oct. of 06. I've wanted a grand prix like this ever since Pontiac came out with this body style back in 1997. Its 2 door, midnight blue, with leather and sunroof and all that good stuff.. now the bad...

In Dec. of 06 with only 60,734 miles on it the upper intake manifold, fuel pump, idle air control valve, and catalytic converter all needed replaced. when I took the car to the dealer ship they actually had to push the car into the garage cause it would not start it all!

Then in Sept. of 07 with 76,344 miles the passenger front speed sensor wiring harness needed replaced, this was making my low trac light come on whenever I reversed and when I went forward the ABS and trac off light would come on. Also the Left front and rear bearing and hub assemblies also needed replaced.

Then in Oct. of 07 after driving the car for even just a short period of time it would start to make a loud wining noise and jerk every time the transmission would shift - wouldn't matter how fast or slow or what gear it was going into you knew when it shifted. Come to find out the transmission valve body, pressure control solenoid, & torque converter needed to be replaced and that was at 77,066 miles.

Its now barley 2 months later and the car is starting to do the wining and hard shifting again and it has just a little over 80,000 miles on it & of course my extended warranty is voided cause I went over on miles.

General Comments:

Well I do have to say I love the way the car looks. the midnight blue with tinted windows and a chrome Pontiac decal across the front windshield makes the car look really sharp, especially when its just been washed. the car turns heads and I get complements on it all the time. performance wise id have to say I'm satisfied. the interior of the car is very comfortable all though makes it harder for some people to get out of the back because the car sits so low. but I do have to say set aside the problems it's a very good car and I don't regret buying it. like I said in my survey about my 98 Cadillac Catera, your gonna have problems with any car and some more than others...

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Review Date: 29th December, 2007

29th Dec 2007, 18:17

I also feel that the Pontiac Grand Prix for 2001 was one of the most beautiful cars ever built. I'd love to find a good 2001 or 2002 GP when I'm ready for another second car.

My family has driven Pontiacs for years, and we actually still have (and drive) a 53-year-old Pontiac that my father passed on to my nephew before he died. The engine was rebuilt in the 60's at 150,000 miles, but the old 4-speed hydramatic transmission has never been touched. The car is now used only for parades or special occasions, but is rust free and in great shape.

I also own a 2001 Grand Am with 70,000 miles that has never had a single repair or even brake pads. My experience with ALL GM cars (from the 50's on) has been great. I've NEVER had an engine or transmission replaced in any of mine.