1997 Pontiac Sunfire GT 2.4 from North America


Great price, great car :)


Had to replace the brakes, but that's normal.

The insurance is death, $380/month (I'm 20 with a clean record and driving school).

Too many people own this car, but with good reason.

General Comments:

I am very happy with this car.

Great performance for a 4 cylinder.

Sweet body design and rims.

Good, comfortable ride.

Nice car to do-up.

Good on gas (32 miles/gallon, I think).

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Review Date: 25th May, 2001

11th Oct 2002, 01:50

Your 20 with a sports car. What did you expect insurance to be? Cheap? Not until you're 25.

17th Oct 2002, 20:36

I am also 20 years old with the GT model. Mine is a 1998 and my insurance is only $162 a month. Try looking around at other insurance companies, they might have a lower rate.

1997 Pontiac Sunfire GT 2.4 L from North America


OK little sports car..


My fuel pump was replaced at 80,000 miles.

My water pump was replaced at 103,000 miles.

My Sunfire has a hesitation problem which was never corrected by the dealership when serviced.

General Comments:

The Sunfire is a snappy little car for being a four cylinder, especially when a K&N airfilter is added.

The Sunfire is also good for distance driving in the sense of having good gas mileage (32 miles per gallon).

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Review Date: 24th May, 2001

1997 Pontiac Sunfire Coupe SE 2.2 from North America


A great price for a nice car!


I have had to replace the brakes, but that is normal, right?

Nothing is really wrong with it at all. It is such a great little car. It has a sporty look, but it is not as expensive as the other sporty cars. I love it!

General Comments:

The back seat is a little small and I could use a little more space back there.

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Review Date: 17th May, 2001

1997 Pontiac Sunfire SE 2.4L engine upgrade from North America


A good car that needed a little more attention when they made it, to the details


I've had some problems like fuel pump, alternator, and the battery going out. Nothing major since I run the car pretty hard.

General Comments:

The car, with 150hp and 155lbs of torque stock is pretty fast. The handling is bouncy and the shifting and steering are mushy and unresponsive. A little work and money though and it'll out handle and out accelerate just about any 4 cylinder and some V-6s.

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Review Date: 14th April, 2001

1997 Pontiac Sunfire SE 2.2L from North America


She's my baby, but she's falling apart, and fast!


This car is my baby.. she is my first car, but she's really starting to annoy me!

Nothing big has gone wrong..

But she rattles..

The brakes drums warped, the tires went out of round!?

The wiring harness blew and took out the switch and another light with it.

The engine has a popping sound all of a sudden..

AHHH.. really annoying!

Anyone with any suggestions for me?

General Comments:

All in all it's a decent car.. I think the popping sound is a result of a loose engine mount.. and there have been no major problems..

GM just put as little into those cars as it could get away with!

I wish I had at least gotten the GT..

Spent too much souping this baby up.. would been better to pay the extra.

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Review Date: 2nd April, 2001

26th Apr 2006, 20:56

Yeah...my first car too, the CD player is crap I go to turn down the music and it only gets louder, the driver side door sounds like its about to fall off, the horn doesn't work, my windows don't roll down, sometimes when I press on the brakes it kicks back one me, its not the greatest car in the world and I'm only at about 50,000 miles.

27th Nov 2008, 11:55

I have a sunfire with the 2.2 motor in it. It doesn't matter which of those motors you have, you must replace the timing chain at 100k or you hear a clicking noise, letting you know its going to go out. Once it does, you need new valves, very expensive. These car as known for water pumps going bad, so kinda watch that around the 100k mark as well. Car is very reliable and easy on gas, but make sure you do all recommended maintaince at 100k point or you will be sorry. New struts get rid of that rattle they all have. Thing is you have to replace them all around to make it right. Its about 500 bucks but well worth it.

27th Nov 2008, 15:58

If you change out the struts yourself (a pretty easy job) it is nowhere near $500.

23rd Aug 2009, 22:53

I own a 1997 Sunfire 2.2! It has 182,000 miles on it. Still runs like a new one!!! I love my car!!

28th Nov 2010, 11:51

My first car, has 102,000 KILOMETERS on it, its left me stranded twice in 4 months. Once it was the starter, another the alternator. EVERYTHING rattles. It still hardly starts some mornings, it's driving me nuts!!