2000 Pontiac Sunfire coupe 2 door 2.2 from North America


I think it is worth the money, but dump it before 5 years!


Needed new front brakes at 9,000 miles

New front brakes and rotors at 22,000 miles

New front brakes and rotors at 32,000 miles

New front brakes and rotors at 44,000 miles

New front brakes and rotors at 56,000 miles

Back brakes 1 time at 56,000 miles

Driver's side front wheel spindle - 40,000 miles

Drivers side front wheel wheel bearing 58,000 miles

Serpentine belt 52,000 miles

Bad wires and plugs causing stalling at 4,000 miles

Radio light burnt out

Interior light turns on and off while driving

Recall for ignition

Springs bad in drivers seat and came through fabric

Driver's seat belt broke

Front seat belts don't retract.

General Comments:

I bought this car new out of the showroom with 4 miles and now have it 5 years later with 58, 580 miles.

In general the car runs well.

Car gets great gas mileage.

Major brake problems, but overall a good car thus far.

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Review Date: 15th March, 2006

2000 Pontiac Sunfire 4 door 2. from North America


American built not much quality


So far I have replaced the entire exhaust system from the cats back. The front braked have been redone 3 times. The Blower Motor is all messed up.

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Review Date: 7th March, 2006

8th Mar 2006, 20:04

The listed problems don’t seem to support the title “American built not much quality.” Maybe some more details would help.

2000 Pontiac Sunfire SE 2.2L from North America


A great sports car that's fun to drive


Fuel door is pushed into the body and is a challenge every time I get gas.

The light on the radio is only half lit.

All speakers have suddenly stopped working with the exception of the front driver side.

The windshield washer will not work and I'm not sure why. It won't spray on the windshield.

The seat belts get stuck and are hard to pull across and buckle.

General Comments:

I have only had the car for a short time, but I do love it.

It handles great and runs even better.

Coming from someone who doesn't have there parents help and worked really hard to finally have a newer model car with a sporty feel.

Other than the minor things I've listed, I absolutely love my sunfire.

The seats are very comfortable and has more room than I originally thought for a coup.

I do have to agree that the cup holders could have been positioned better so they didn't block the air and radio controls.

It gets great gas mileage and has the power to make you forget your in a four banger.

If anyone can help with the problems I'm having can you please post a message or just email me at jonboy_ut82@yahoo.com.

Overall I'm very happy with my car.

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Review Date: 5th February, 2006

12th May 2006, 11:32

I have owned my sunfire for about a year and a half and I do like the car, it is really fun to drive, but it has a lot of problems. It may be a fairly inexpensive car to purchase, but it is really expensive to repair and maintain. The thing I like most about my car is the gas mileage, which is great!!!

2000 Pontiac Sunfire GT Conv from North America


Maybe after any repair issues are straight, seems like a nice smaller car


Within first week:

Convertible seal leaks along windshield.

Gas tank leaks somewhere on fill nozzle area.

Check engine light came on.

Loose gas caps cause check engine lights to come on, but when you tighten them, the light should go out...

Check engine light still on.

General Comments:

Car handles nicely, and convertible is fairly quite when up.

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Review Date: 12th December, 2005

22nd Jan 2006, 18:52


A lot of the sunfire`s convertible tops leak due to the seal, but your sunfire gtx convertible must be a 99 not a 2000 because 99 was the last year that they made the convertible!!

27th Jan 2007, 08:49

The above comment is incorrect; the last year for the Pontiac Sunfire (and Chevy Cavalier) convertible was 2000, not 1999!

2000 Pontiac Sunfire 2.4 from North America


Gas Prices + Trouble with the car = Costly


Engine light keeps coming on... @ 90,000 Miles.

General Comments:

I recently had the car service because the Engine light came on! I checked the fuel cap and its all good. but the light cam back on 2 weeks later- so I pulled both O2 sensor and clean them. light went out... but now 11-08-05 light came back on... so I replaced the O2 sensor on the exhaust monifold and the light is still on... (just recently got oil changed) I know there are 2 O2 sensor, but anyone have any idea what kind of trouble I'm having?

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Review Date: 10th November, 2005

26th Apr 2006, 08:48

I had the same problem with my 1995 Blazer. It turned out to be the EGR device, it had carbon build up. I took it off and cleaned it and used a product called sea fome at NAPA Auto parts stores to clean out my system. No problems yet.

24th May 2006, 10:16

I had the same problem with my 2000 sunfire. It was my catalytic converter.

5th Oct 2011, 10:23

A common problem with the Sunfire; the wire harness is under the battery and is susceptible to corrosion. If your service engine light keeps coming on, or you have issues with headlights, check the wire harness for broken wires, and don't just stop when you find one, as there could be several. I'd had my 2000 Sunfire for 3 years when finally my son in law fixed some broken wires, and suddenly my headlights were brighter like they should always have been.