2001 Renault Clio Dynamique+ 1.4- 16v from UK and Ireland


A super equipped, fast and Sporty Car on rails


Absolutly nothing!

General Comments:

The car is very well equiped, it has everything. Including Air Con, CD Player, Electric Mirrors, Windows and Sunroof. It has sports suspension, power stering, and sports seats. And has 4 Airbags, ABS with EBD and Brake assist as standard.

It is very quick and really handles like it is on rails, I have driven the ford Fiesta and this is better by far.

It has great fuel economy.

The cabin is lovely and easy to use, but gains dust quickly.

Also I had the Renault Free Insurance package and without claiming I now have 6 Years Protected No- Claims bonus and I have only been driving for a year and a half.

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Review Date: 22nd April, 2002

2001 Renault Clio Dynamique 1.2 petrol from UK and Ireland


Jack of all trades, master of everything!


Squeaky sunroof Handle.

Replacement stereo head unit.

Faulty sensors on rear seat belts kept triggering the airbag warning light.

General Comments:

I love this car to bits. I acquired the car from new last year. This is the new face-lifted model and was one of the first in the country.

The car has been very reliable from day one. It needed a couple of a visits to the dealer to fettle a couple of minor issues, but this is what I expected for a brand new car.

The car has on three occasions developed a fault with the airbag warning light. Each time this has been addressed, the problem re-occurred several weeks later. However, after the first service (last year) this problem hasn't re-surfaced.

The sunroof handle creaked really loudly when travelling on bumpy roads (i.e. all the time!). I borrowed a loan Clio whilst the airbag light was being sorted, and this car had a silent sunroof. I pointed this out to the dealer and they ordered a new handle. This was fitted at the first service and has sorted the problem, hurrah!

The only other fault was partly my fault. The head unit chewed up a tape. The dealer sorted the problem within 24hrs and it has been tip-top ever since.

I am massively impressed with this car. I cannot stress this point clearly enough.

The performance is very good, it feels more like a 1.4 rather than a 1.2. Indeed, it has the same power (75bhp) as many other marque 1.4 models.

The economy is outstanding. I travel around 60 miles a day travelling to work. This is over mixed roads - A roads, B roads, dual carriageways and stop start urban driving. I always have a passenger in the car and I don't hang about!

The car averages around 50 mpg, which is fantastic. Even when I am on my own and really ring it's neck the mpg stays in the 40s!

The insurance is only group 3! The Fiesta equivalent, the Zetec is group 6 for a car with exactly the same performance/power!

The car is well finished and comes with a decent 6 speaker stereo with that fantastic trademark Renault stalk control.

The handling is grippy and entertaining. Unless you need a big car, I really feel this is all the car you ever need.

It looks good, can handle any kind of journey, is well equipped, very cheap to run and is a hoot to drive.

I would recommend this over the Expression+. That model is the same price, but forgoes the sports wheels, suspension, seats, fog-lights and leather steering wheel, for air conditioning. I have driven the Expression+ and it's manners are very different to the Dynamique. It rolls too much, the seats are not as supportive, and that plastic steering wheel feels dreadful.

I have driven two different Expression+ Clios (both loan cars). Even though they share the same engine as the Dynamique, the second one felt the same as mine performance wise, but the first had no life to it at all. Very strange.

The only slight criticism I have of mine to drive, is that it is very easy to stall. Renault have got a fix for this (A change to the engine management software), but I have read that on some models this results in lumping running higher up the rev range and poor fuel economy.

Because I love the performance and economy offered by my Clio, I am leaving well alone!! and just apply a few more revs than I would normally when pulling away.

Have a test drive and see what you think. Personally, I would buy another one tomorrow like a shot.

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Review Date: 8th February, 2002

6th May 2002, 17:26

We have two cars in our household a Vauxhall cavalier and a Renault Scenic, we love the Scenic, and loathe the Vauxhall, it`s is a pig of a car- always going wrong, which we are considering changing for the new shape Clio.

Last week the Scenic was in for a service and we were given a Clio as a courtesy car, and we loved it, it was only the 1.2 engine, which given how nippy it was, I looked under the bonnet thinking it was the 1.4, it was so quick, I was also very impressed on how good the suspension was.

Everything about the car was great, other than the clutch pedal was not adjusted correctly (not in line with the other pedals) making it easy to stall.

And yes the sunroof on this one also creaked and groaned over bumps, and also when closing the roof.