2004 Renault Clio Dynamique 1.6 16v from UK and Ireland




The car has been superb, no problems so far touch wood. But with a three year manufacturer's warranty, there is nothing to worry about if something did go wrong with the car.

The door badges should be in silver as to distinguish it more from standard models, as the only noticable difference between the engine sizes on the outside is the door badges.

General Comments:

The 1.6 16V Clio is quick, it's very comfortable, its got just about every extra I can think of as standard and it's reliable.

It has:

- Electric windows, mirrors, sunroof

- R.a.i.d. (Renault anti intrusion device)

- Smart window wipers

- Digital petrol temperature gauge

- Trip computer

- Climate control

The car is just a general good round little car to own. I would recommend this model to anyone who wants a sporty little car who wants comfort and quality, and it still manages 36 mpg.

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Review Date: 6th November, 2004

7th Nov 2004, 12:33

I got my Brand New Clio 1.6 16v October 2004 (3 weeks ownership as of writing this) and I must agree with the comments made from above. As this is my first car from passing my test I can't tell you how good it is.

I got some extras with mine and some of these include:

Xenon Headlights With Auto Adjustment.

Up-Rated Sound System Including 6CD Multi-Changer.

Climate Control.

At the moment I have covered around 200 miles since brand new and had no problems so far.

I' am really happy with the car and the engine is more than enough at 110bhp to meet most peoples needs.

13th Jan 2005, 07:56

I have been reading these comments about the clio, i can quite safely say that after reading some of the comments that this car will be very satisfactory for my needs. I pick my 52 plate 1.4 16v on monday.

29th Jan 2005, 19:34

Reading all comments here its fair to say the Clio is very good value for money. Having bought my 04 plate 1.2 Dynamique 3 weeks ago based on your opinions collectively, I agree with everything you say.

Done just over 300 miles and loved every minute of it. Having owned a mk1 Clio 1.4 RT and a new shape Vauxhall Corsa SXi I rate this above the Corsa in style, specification and performance.

Anybody considering buying a Clio upon reading this....? well what you waiting for go and get one!!!

27th May 2005, 05:10

Are parts for the Clio cheap? Seeing it is a french make. I had a peugeot and the parts were very expensive to buy, are clio's the same as I am thinking of purchasing one. Anyone help with this?

2004 Renault Clio Dymanique 1.2 16v from UK and Ireland


A top quality purchase. Well recommended


Absolutely nothing.

General Comments:

Purchased the car in May 2004 and I haven't wanted to stop driving it since.

Excellent performance, it really can get up to a good speed without any real effort.

It's a car full of extras with light and rain sensitive wipers/lights, cd player with great sound, sports seats and alloy wheels.

The car has a real sporty look and raises eyebrows when you drive past.

The unique radiator and front fogs make it a dream.

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Review Date: 15th July, 2004

2004 Renault Clio Renault Sport v6 3.0 V6 from UK and Ireland


An exclusive car with bundles of street cred


Main Headlight blows fuse after approx. 10 minutes of engine running. Main Beam lighting relay failed at new.

General Comments:

The car performs reasonably well, not as well as the top Imprezas or Evo's, but as the reports say you'd have to be driving a Murcielago to turn more heads. The car has certain shortcomings compared to my previous cars Imprezas and an Audi TT, although makes up for these with a tremendous (engine) sound-track and all-round presence. Only seen one other on the road too so at circa £27,000 exclusivity comes at a reasonable price.

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Review Date: 1st July, 2004

2004 Renault Clio Sport 172 2.0L 16v Inline-4 from Qatar


Small size, big attitude!


The automatic headlights would come on regardless of whether it is day or night, which is annoying because they are very bright Xenon lights. This was fixed by the dealer at the 1000km post-run-in oil change.

The hazard light switch gets stuck in either the on or off position. I plan to address this issue at the 5000km service.

The leather wrapping on the gear shift knob is already changing colors (from black to gray).

General Comments:

In terms of the very reasonable USD $15,890.00 I paid for this car, I think I am in possession of the best performance buy in this price range.

Generally speaking, I pull far ahead of other traffic from traffic lights without even breaking a sweat.

Handling is very good and predictable, with great response from the steering and awesome grip from the Michelin Pilot Sport tires. Torque steer is minimal.

Brakes are probably the best I have ever used (and I have driven some serious performance cars before). They were a bit touchy when the car was still new, but after a few miles they become more linear.

The suspension is on the stiff side, so you do feel every little bump and hole in the road. Also, due to the relatively low ground clearance, the car bottoms out rather easily, so you have to be very careful over speed bumps.

The standard equipment list is very long, with leather/alcantra seats, 6-CD Alpine CD changer, Xenon lights, front and side airbags for front passengers, 5 adjustable head rests (with the fronts being adjustable for both height and angle), five 3-point seat belts, automatic air conditioning (which works very well against the typical 40C+ temperatures we have here in Qatar), power mirrors, remote control for key-less entry, alloy wheels with 195/50R15 V-rated tires, Anti lock brakes with electronic brake force distribution, assisted by an electronic stability program that can be switched off, etc.

Long distance cruises are always nice in this car. However, driving in crowded city streets is a different story, mainly due to the stiff clutch that engages rather quickly, so smooth bumper to bumper driving is really difficult.

Engine sound is smooth and deep when driving gently, and turns into an angry, loud growl beyond 4,000RPM, with the most beautiful and musical sounds right around 5,000RPM, however it turns a bit abnoxious past 6,000RPM.

The gear shift is easy to use. In fact, I have never missed a gear so far. However the throws are too long for a sporty car, and the action is a bit too rubbery (drive a Honda then drive a VW and you'll know what I am talking about).

I have driven this car with 4 passengers with me. The front passenger is naturally the king of the hill, with very decent comfort levels, however the three in the back where a bit squeezed. Realistically speaking, the back seat is too tight for anyone taller than 5'7" (170cm), because taller people will hit their heads against the roof over bumps.

In terms of performance at the limits (let's say near the limits, because I have not yet reached the limits of this car, which is probably a good thing) as very confidence inspiring. You will be having 325's, A3/A4's and many other cars for lunch, and you will keep up with a 530 if it has manual transmission (up to about 120km/hr) and you will pull ahead of a 530 with automatic. You need to look very hard to see a car that's faster than you or can handle better. Mini type S cannot keep up with me, nor can a 206GTI (typical competitors).

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Review Date: 29th May, 2004

8th Mar 2006, 13:45

Hi. I own a Clio just like yours. Do you know where can I find performance parts for this car? amontes@mincanmex.com

27th Jun 2006, 14:08

I have one of these cars on a 2003 plate. Monaco blue, It has 26k on the clock and is lovely to drive.

The only thing that bothers me is that Mr. Haynes has not produced a service repair manual for this car (yet) Hopefully, it will be out soon, although I haven't heard anything to say that one will be produced.

If anyone knows anything about this, please post a reply.

Thank you.

3rd Mar 2007, 06:15

I am the writer of the original review.

I sold this car about a year ago and got a BMW 325i instead because I needed an executive car.

The new owner is still happy with the car so far. It has about 66,000 km now on the clock and it's still going strong.

However, he has replaced the engine mounting pads recently (cost about USD $ 200 + labor) and the exhaust pipe mounts (cost about $ USD 100 + labor). He recently told me that the clutch is due for service soon.