2000 Renault Megane RN 1.4 8v from Jordan


Compared to its type, one of the BEST


The Ignition Plugs Cables was changed at 70,000 Km.

The Crank Shaft Sensor had a loose at 72,000 Km that the car does not start when hot. But it is working for more than a year only with tightening it electrical connection.

The Idle Speed Motor had a problem at 100,000. I cleaned it and re-installed it with instruction from a specialist for how to reset it.

General Comments:

Wonderful car that runs smoothly with the best comfort compared to the same types.

Very nice cabinet and comfortable seats.

Only one comfort problem that the 5th gear somewhat far that pains the right hand.

Smooth and strong suspension system that allows the car to still quiet on the bad streets.

Very low oil consumption with a little bit high spares prices, due to the technologies used.

Wide speed range for every gear. Which is very helpful.

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Review Date: 14th March, 2005

2000 Renault Megane Salloon Classic 1.4 petrol from UK and Ireland


In my opinion this is an excellent all round car.


Rear right bearing went and was replaced.

Intermittently the external temperature sensor gives an in-correct value. This is a minor fault which I do not plan on fixing. It has being correct now for a month or so.

General Comments:

In my opinion this is an excellent all round car.

Good value when purchasing second hand.

The fuel economy is excellent, (approximately 46 MPG mainly open road driving, but some city driving mixed in also).

Safe and comfortable, it seems most content cruising at around 90 - 95 k.p.h. (56 to 59 m.p.h.) at 2750 r.p.s.

If you were doing a lot of motorway driving, maybe the 1.6 liter engine would be more suitable.

Would advise anyone thinking of buying to wait until a good one comes alone (one that was well looked after and has had no major problems.)

Overall, very happy with my Megane.

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Review Date: 16th February, 2005

2000 Renault Megane Dynamique Coupe 2.0 IDE from UK and Ireland


Good performance and reasonable economy, nice price too


Watch the roof aerials on these, this is the first Renault I have owned and they leak.

If you live in Scotland like me expect to find the area front/centre on the roof where the courtesy lights are soaked form time to time through water ingress, recently it was raining heavily and I had a nice puddle inside the car just in front of the gearstick, careful too as the area that leaks here also houses the remote sensor for the locks and immobiliser :-) tightened the aerial bolt myself until I can get it looked at, but very common problem so I hear with Clios also.

Car isn't that good at starting also when cold, but going back to the dealer with this so hopefully it will be resolved.

Gearstick a bit wobbly when stepping on and off the gas at low speeds, again have since found out this could be worn gearbox mountings which are cheap to do so another problem for the dealer as this is still under warranty.

General Comments:

Apart from a couple of general annoyances which I'm sure can be resolved quite easily the car is great, brilliant equipment levels A/C CD changer full electrics etc, very fast too 140BHP just need to make sure I keep my driving license intact as the power is quite a surprise the first time you drive this :-)

Would just also add watch out for imports on these and other cars in the UK, I never realised until after buying this that its probably a parallel import, no alarm which it should have and no glass etching, apparently an orange dipstick instead of yellow is also a telltale sign, not saying theres anything wrong with this as it is UK spec more or less, but since examining the documents I suspect its from Cyprus originally and possibly worth less in financial terms than a pucker UK car on resale :- (

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Review Date: 30th October, 2004