2000 Renault Megane RTE 1.6 16v from Turkey


Very high performance that I want


The ABS system of this car became unable to operate because of the plastic engine shields.

Plastic engine shields are not reliable and they can be removed quickly if the road conditions are not fine.

"Magnetics capture device" stop operating because of my mistake and car denied to start till the part changed.

General Comments:

This car has excellent performance.

It is really quick. You can feel the affect of the torque that the engine produces.

I love the engine noise of this car, but on long journeys it can be disturbing.

Handling is good and it likes wet or rainy conditions.

However the quality of some plastic parts is poor and can create noises after a couple of 10000 km in bad road conditions.

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Review Date: 31st January, 2004

2000 Renault Megane Coupe Super Sport 1.4 from UK and Ireland


Great value for money


Sunroof has leaked on this car since I have owned it and none of the dealerships I have been to can fix it.

One Ignition coil failed on the car recently.

General Comments:

Great looking car and good performance. Fuel consumptions is also great.

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Review Date: 16th December, 2003

19th Jan 2004, 13:10

Purchased a 1.6 scenic X reg 22thousand miles, on Friday 16th Jan, picked it up at that evening, I was really fussy with it. I drove approx, 6 miles on the Sat morning when it started miss firing, TWO COILS had burnt out. Luckily the dealer replaced all 4 coils. Any one know how long these coils are supposed to last.

Regards Mike Hull.

2000 Renault Megane RN hatchback 1.9 diesel from Netherlands


Very reliable, yet not a sparkling performer


Hasty recharge of a flat battery damaged it. So it broke down.

General Comments:

Very reliable car. Never turned me down, always got me home safely.

Good chassis, hugging the road like glue.

With 44kW (60 HP) still goes 175km/h (195 downhill) due to low air resistance.

Nice 1st gear, good for city traffic.

Beyond 3rd gear power drops sharply, acceleration is gone.

Smooth looks at the front, ugly backside.

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Review Date: 16th December, 2003

2000 Renault Megane Hathback 1.6 16v petrol from Trinidad and Tobago


Good looking, reliability poor


Dead pedal & Hatch latch slack @ 8,000km.

Changed Speedometer @ 38,100 km.

Leaking Rear Shock @ 39,818 km.

Noisy vacumm unit (near throttle body) @ 39,818 km.

Changed high tension coils @ 43,013 km.

Changed vacumm unit @ 46,617 km, dealer had to await arrival of technician from Mexico.

Changed left rear wheel bearing @ 51,220 km.

Changed glove compartment hinges.

Changed right rear wheel bearing @ 60,584km.

Changed exhaust mount @ 60,584 km.

Changed battery @ 62,270 km.

Right rear shock broke @ 69,973km.

Dealer installed 'Snorkel'on transmission to prevent water entry into transmission.

General Comments:

Paint shoddy.

Expensive to maintain.

Too many small problems, requires countless visits to dealer.

Handles well, don't know how.

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Review Date: 27th August, 2003

2000 Renault Megane classic privelege 1.6 16v from UK and Ireland


I would never buy a Renault, this is a company car and I have seen enough to put me off forever


Rubber Seal coming away from windscreen.

Gearstick moves backward and forward when pressing or releasing accelerator.

CD multi changer not working.

Windscreen washer jets not operating correctly.

General Comments:

This car is very fast and has great acceleration, unfortunately the chassis is not built to cope with the engine power.

The handling is appalling and the car wallows on all but the most gentle of corners.

The engine noise at 70mph is totally unacceptable for a car of this size and is very intrusive.

The throw of the gearstick is way too long and forbids any sort of enthusiastic gear changing. In addition the whole box moves when you press or release the gas. Quite unnerving.

The design of the exterior of the car is average, but the interior is really an exercise in mismatched design. An abundance of shapes which leaves the impression of the square peg in the round hole, i. e it really doesn't fit.

I have taken the car to 3 Renault dealers all of which demonstrated terrible customer service. The third was the most helpful and was convenient for my place of work, but still managed to return the car having not completed the work I requested to any decent standard.

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Review Date: 22nd August, 2003

31st Jan 2004, 16:53

First there can be some characteristic things on every car.

In this car gearstick rally moves, but it is not harmful.

I am using this car for 4 years it really sticks to road (especially rainy days)

I like the engine noise of this car, but it can be disturbing on long journeys.

I bought this car from the factory in TURKEY and service is in factory too so I can't say anything about services in UK.

Some of these things can be changed person to person, but I can say that you are sitting at passenger seat.

13th Aug 2004, 10:37

I agree totally about the handling of this car. A moderate speed on a corner results in the car lurching - road handling is awful.

I also agree with the comments on noise. Motorway driving is noisy and can be very tiring on long journeys. I keep looking down to check I'm not still in fourth gear.

In fact the handling and noise is so bad I keep wondering if one of my tyres has gone flat or if the engine is running OK, but then I've replaced 5 ignition coils now at £55 each - part of the hidden cost of buying Renault.

12th Jun 2005, 10:09

It's a very good car. The engine is powerful for its class. Road handling can be much improved - try installing the SACH Performance shocks. They do wonders for my car.

23rd Jun 2009, 17:04

I have a Renault Megane 2000, which I bought in 2006, and the kilometers were 100000 KM.

This car really made my life hard. Although it is a strong car and somehow stable, it has a lot of problems, especially with the gearbox, which I had to change recently.

I am from Egypt and the Megane spare parts here are unaffordable and are not of heavy duty usage.

In general I will never repeat this experience again, which made me lose half my time in repairing the car everywhere.