1995 SAAB 900 S 2.3lt non turbo from North America


Absolutely amazing, would recommend to anyone and everyone


I have only had four things really go wrong.

I have a bad AIC, but it's an old car.

I have had a fuel line go bad. This was a combination of things. I live in Maine and bought bad gas.

Finally I had both my gas tank straps break.

I am very thankful for this car.

General Comments:

This may not be a turbo, but it goes really fast.

It handles exceptionally well.

The car is extremely safe!

This car saved my life! I was on the highway I-295 going about 70 mph when a deer ran into the side of my car. I went from one side of the highway to another did a 360 and ended up backwards in the breakdown lane. If I would have been in anything else, I would be dead. I had my little sister and my mom with me, it was the scariest moment of my life. Like I said, this car saved my life and theirs. I wouldn't buy anything else.

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Review Date: 18th March, 2009

23rd Sep 2011, 23:18

(1) - What is an AIC? and (2) - define "very fast". I heard the turbos were fast and quick, but nothing on the non turbos.. I live in California and don't want to get one of these if it's gonna have people ramming my back end because I can't get out of their way, or can't keep up with the average speeds people drive out here of 80-95 mph.

21st Feb 2012, 19:46

I'd suspect you've already made your decision one way or the other, but here's some input: the 2.3 non-turbo is still no slouch, particularly for a smaller, naturally-aspirated engine. It's able to keep up with newer four-cylinders and most small V6 coupes and sedans. You won't be blowing doors off, but you'll have plenty of passing/merging power, and the car will handle higher freeway speeds confidently. You'll notice the absence of the turbo, but you won't be left out in the cold when it comes to being able to scoot.

1995 SAAB 900 S Convertible 2.3 non turbo from North America


A great car to buy used!


No major repairs since ownership.

Needs new brakes and shocks.

Top works fine for a 13 year old car!

General Comments:

Great craftsmanship! Hard to believe it's a GM vehicle... car gets over 25 mpg and can't do less than 80 on the freeway. I love this car.

My last car was an Acura RSX-S that got stolen, but even though this car is slower, it really is a pleasure to drive.

My 13 year old convertible still hides in the trunk with the flick of a switch.

I love the locking gas door when you lock the doors!

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Review Date: 16th August, 2008

21st Feb 2012, 22:57

You rated this Saab as pretty average in terms of performance. When you gave it that rating, do you think you were comparing it against all the cars you've driven extensively, or more against your RSX-S in particular? Because that would be a tough comparison for a lot of cars.

1995 SAAB 900 S 2.2 from Spain




Clutch cable has broken twice. Clutch disc had to be replaced at 70.000 Km. Oxygen sensor replaced at 80.000 Km. Both seat abatement cables had to be replaced at 60-8500 Km. Headlight lamps have failed on both sides at the same time (real neat when driving at night). Engine is very sluggish at low RPM. Poor fuel economy: 11Lt/100 Km (9.09 Km/Lt) Clutch is very hard to move, terrible in city traffic. Alternator does not charge battery well: have to change battery every two years. Gearshift lever handle broke in pieces at 85.000 Km. Steering wheel is crumbling at 100.000 Km. Light reflectors have tarnished and dimmed over time and are unsafe now. ABS light goes on erratically since 60.000 Km. Check engine light goes on and off every 5-6.000 Km. Steering shimmy at 120 Km/h since the car was bought, has never entirely improved even with change of tires, wheel balancing. It brakes well.

General Comments:

This car feels very unreliable. Things have deteriorated that can only be attributed to poor manufacturing quality.

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Review Date: 25th September, 2007

26th May 2009, 21:46

Saab is one of the most reliable cars out there. I have had a total of 6 Saabs. Most were bought old and from people who didn't do maintenance on them, and we drove them with no maintenance for a year or so we didn't even change the oil.

I have a Saab 900 I have posted on here actually right below yours. This star is still running after the deer accident and doesn't even sputter, I was backwards at 70 and my transmission works beautifully.

If not properly maintained any car with deteriorate, but Saabs will keep going as long as they can. My poor car has seen more accidents and poor maintenance, (I maintain it very well but previous owner didn't) than most, but still runs like a champ.

5th Nov 2009, 00:12

Maybe it's just the non-turbo four cylinder Saab 900s that are reliable, but it's almost 2010 and I'm driving a 1995 Saab 900s automatic convertible that I bought at an auction in Atlanta Georgia. I have driven this car to south Florida and back a few times since I bought it a year and a half ago. I haven't spent $1 on maintenance other than gasoline and oil changes. This car is smooth and powerful, but also fuel efficient. I probably won't get another Saab (overpriced), but the one I have is a keeper until it dies on me.