2003 Saturn ION L2 L4 from North America


Great value for the price!


The car would not start when the temperature was below 30 degrees. Saturn replaced ignition and fixed the problem.

A few rattles from the trunk started to develop around 23,000 miles.

Does not handle well above 60 miles/hour, very shake.

General Comments:

I love my ion level 2.

The sunroof is cool and I like having my controls in the center. It is really more comfortable on your eyes and neck.

This is a fun car and has a great turning radius.

The Saturn dealership has been great! Pleasure buying from them!

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Review Date: 27th March, 2005

2003 Saturn ION 2 Quad Coupe 2.2 Ecotec from North America


Poor vehicle for +$25,000


Constant variable transmission grinds at 10km/h

Electronic rack and pinion replaced at 5,000 kilometers.

General Comments:

Poor handling at highway speeds.

Constant chirping when going over bumps.

Seat comfort has severely deteriorated since the vehicle was bought.

Front shocks very noisy over slow speeds.

Trunk vibrates in high wind due to plastic panel screwed to metal frame.

Steering is very noisy.

High pitched noise when vehicle reaches 130 kilometer per hour.

Dealer experience worst of any to date. I have never heard so many excuses from a dealership for a poor vehicle. I have never seen so many "Could not duplicate" memos on a work order in my life.

Will never buy another GM vehicle. Both Honda vehicles I have owned are much better vehicles and the dealership seems to care about the business and repeat business it gets.

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Review Date: 4th March, 2005

2003 Saturn ION 3 2.2 Ecotec from North America


It could be a reliable car if it weren't for the low quality.


Right Front Passenger door had a scratch in it when the car was delivered. It took many calls and several trips to actually get it fixed.

Left Hub Assembly replaced around 12,000 miles.

Right Front Headlight would turn on and off intermittently. Problem was a bent pin in the fuse box.

Hood Release replaced around 20,000 miles.

When the Hood Release was replaced the dealership cracked the interior trim by the release. The dealership didn't tell me I had to find it myself.

The Headlights have turned a milk white and the parts are on order.

Replaced tires at 32,000 miles. The tires were cupped and I believe it was caused by the defective Swing Arm Bushings.

Swing Arm Bushing replaced at 32,000 miles on left and right front to correct a terrible noise when going over speed bumps or like itmes.

Currently there is a noise in the left front that sounds like the last time when the hub assembly was replaced.

There is a clunking when shifting out of drive/reverse into park/neutral. Seems to be the right front half-shaft causing the problem.

Transmission from time-to-time slips. Would take to dealer, but the problem is so intermittent it is likely they would do anything with it.

Dealership doesn't seem to care too much about customer service. The attitude of the dealership where I take the vehicle is terrible.

General Comments:

I really liked the car when I purchased it. Now though I'm looking at trading it in. I'm tired of dealing with the attitude of the dealership and with all the problems. I would go to another dealership, but the next closest on is 90 miles and I'm not traveling that far.

I would not recommend this car to anyone. In the back on my mind I'm thinking if you 've had all these troubles and there aren't many miles on the car, what is it going to be like when there are more miles.

I had less trouble with my 1997 Ford Escort in 129,000 miles than I've had with the Saturn ION at 34,000 miles.

I would recommend that you stay away from this car.

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Review Date: 29th June, 2004

30th Aug 2004, 11:21

I purchased a 2003 ION Coupe that was enhanced with aftermarket upgrades. These included (but may not be limited to) modification to suspension (re: lowered vehicle), aftermarket exhaust, 17" rims, low profile rubber, tint and stereo upgrade.

Purchased in October 2003, I have accumulated (40,000Km (24 854 Miles) and have had many issues with my new car.

Have already replaced 2 sets of front tires due to a bad wheel alignment which had been there from the beginning. The upgraded rubbers and wheel alignment were at my expense, but the stock all-terrains were replaced at n/c.

Weather stripping on the rear passenger door was ripping off. The entire door was replaced. Tint on the window for the new door was supposed to be installed, but it's been over 3 months.

Suspension is very noisy and an extremely bumpy ride.

Modified exhaust system and or engine rattles during acceleration. I thought this one was my imagination until I started driving the loaner car yesterday.

Excessive engine noise in cab. Originally the steering 'boot' was replaced or greased which reduced the noise, but not eliminated it.

Now, it's in the shop because a lug nuts and the bolt or rod which it is secured to is snapping off. There is no evidence of twisting which may be cause by over-torquing and since the removal of the first snapped off bolt there was a re-occurrence of the very unique and easily identifiable noise which indicates to me that a second one is floating around loose in the hub (conceals lug nuts) on the aftermarket 17" rim.

I've had 2 or 3 life threatening problems. I don't know if my car is safe. Sure doesn't seem like it.

Suggestions on how to approach the dealer or manufacturer regarding these serious issues would be greatly appreciated.

Please email me at f@quic.ca.