2003 Saturn ION from North America


Great car


Car would not start in cold weather.

General Comments:

I purchased a used 2003 Saturn Ion for my wife and she would have trouble starting it in the morning. After she attempted, I would go out and it would start right away. After searching the web, we found out why due to the cold and the ignition switch. To test a theory, I tried staring the car first, every morning. The car would start right away. When my wife would try, it would not. The solution (we think) is to keep the key in your pocket (where it is warm) and not in a purse. Since we started that procedure, we have not had any trouble starting the car, even when it reached -20 degrees F!

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Review Date: 10th February, 2007

12th Dec 2008, 21:49

I definitely do not agree with that!

I have the exact same problem with my 2003 Ion, I always keep my keys either in my pants pocket, or in my jacket pocket, where I am always jingling thing; which would keep them warm from the heat of my hands; the problem still occurs!

I also recently replaced the battery (5 days ago) because at the time, that seemed to be the only logical problem, and the mechanic also agreed. Problem happened again today (in -12 degree Celsius weather) The problem has nothing to do with the key, the battery, the starter, the ignition switch as I have read forums upon forums of people with the same issue!

Nice try buddy! But I doubt that is a suitable solution!

2003 Saturn ION quad coupe 2 from North America


It's a pretty cool car I hope it last till 100,000 miles like they say


Ignition switch recalled in 04' then replaced in 07'

Visor broke.

General Comments:

I recently got stranded at work because my car would not start. I immediately thought it was the battery. But a few minutes later I tried to start it and it worked. I was puzzled, but I noticed the way I put the key in the ignition helped the car start. The car made it home and worked fine for one day with three additional starts. The following day same thing, the car would not start. I tried a couple times and nothing. Finally the service engine light came on. I called Saturn they said they were experiencing people complaining about it not working in cold weather. The ignition switch does not work in cold weather. I had already had the switched replaced within the first year because it was recalled and unsafe. I am a little uneasy that I may get stranded somewhere for the third time because of cold weather or this part breaking again. I like my Saturn its held up well. I think this is poor engineering the same piece breaking again. Is this car a lemon? Will I have to replace the ignitions switch every two or three years? Seems like a lot for a car.

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Review Date: 8th February, 2007

14th Feb 2007, 13:14

I owned a 2002 Saturn. It broke down completely after only 48,000 miles. I'd only had it about 6 months and put only 6,000 miles on it myself. The place I brought it to said it needed a new motor and almost everything needed to be replaced!!! I ended up purchasing a new 2007 Saturn Ion. Best car I've ever had. It's amazing. Be careful with those old ones.

20th Jun 2009, 17:38

Don't want much - do you?

I think any Honda would do 200K miles. My 87 Civic did 327K miles. And, it never went to the shop.

2003 Saturn ION Quad Coupe 2.2 from North America


I love Saturn, and I would definitely get another - in fact, I am getting one very soon!


Wheel bearing wore down - part was recalled.

Engine wouldn't start/catch.

Car wouldn't go into drive on a hill.

It lurches when getting into gear, or while parking.

General Comments:

The service is absolutely incredible.

I love the little doors, and the interior is so roomy - enough to fit in my huge double bass (with seats folded down, of course).

I was concerned about the engine not catching, it happened several times over the course of a few months, but after I brought it in, I haven't had any problems with it since.

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Review Date: 11th July, 2006