2004 Saturn ION from North America




Saturn ION will not start in weather under 30 degrees!

General Comments:


My husband had a remote starter put in my car in December to bypass the security system in the ION. THIS FIXES the car not starting in cold weather!

You would think that the dealers would offer this as a solution; there are SO many of us with this problem. The remote starter DOES work to solve the problem.

I know for a fact it bypasses the problem, because yesterday I turned off the car the 'old fashioned' way; forgot to set the remote start when I got to work. It was about 18 degrees out when I got out of work at 4pm. I tried to start the car, and it would not work. Same issues as before the remote start... had to wait the typical 15 minutes then try again. That morning, I had the remote start set, and in 8 degree weather, it started without any problems! I made this mistake one other time around the first of the year, and had the same results. As long as the remote start is set, there will NOT be any problems again!

Rather than have to invest in a new car (that was not a solution for us), invest in a remote start. I have a manual transmission, so it was nearly double the price than an automatic, but WELL WORTH the investment.

I hope this solution will help some of you out there!

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Review Date: 5th February, 2009

2004 Saturn ION 2 from North America


Like the other posters, my 2004 Ion 2 will not start on very cold days (below 25 degrees or so). The security light comes on. For some reason, it "thinks" someone is trying to steal the car, so the engine is disabled. I leave work at 11:30 pm and have to sit more than 15 minutes, sometimes in single-digit temperatures, waiting until the engine will start. My windows sometime have more than a quarter-inch of ice on them and I can't even begin to de-ice until the engine will start so I can run the heat/defroster. Today I had to call in "sick" to work because it still wouldn't start after 20 minutes of waiting. In spite of wearing snow boots and two pair of thick socks, a pullover sweater, cardigan sweater and heavy overcoat, and gloves, I was frozen stiff awaiting the engine restart, so I just gave up, and went back in the house. This is very aggravating and I'm angry that the Saturn dealership did not divulge this problem that apparently is very common in this model.

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Review Date: 27th January, 2009

2004 Saturn ION from North America




My car wouldn't start with the key, but I have remote start and it always works with the remote start.

Water marks on seat from snow.

It shifts pretty hard.

Cigarette lighter won't work.

General Comments:

It is in great condition from only having 2 previous owners.

I would have liked to know about the cigarette lighter not working. The dealership doesn't know why either.

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Review Date: 26th January, 2009

2004 Saturn ION 1 2.2L from North America


Love it but hate it


Seat stain very easily.

Replaced O2 sensor and ignition switch first year.

After 80K miles the power steering goes out.

Over 90K miles and the winter; my car will only start 3 times a week on the first try.

General Comments:

I love how comfortable the seats are.

I like the instrument panel in the middle of the dashboard.

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Review Date: 20th January, 2009

2004 Saturn ION 2 2.4L from North America


The trouble out-weighes the price AFTER you buy


I am a female who knows enough about cars to now realize she made a mistake buying a 2004 Ion Level 2, or a Saturn in general. I live in Florida. There is never cold weather here, coldest it gets in central FL is about 20 when a crazy front comes in.

An hour ago, I come downstairs from a friends apartment to start the car. The temperature outside is just about sweatshirt degrees... so maybe 50 degrees F.

I put the key in the ignition and the car cranks but won't start. The interior lights came on, which means it's not the battery. The fuel pump ran, so it wasn't fuel. I just performed an oil change on her myself 107 miles ago.

I am having the same problem you guys are, my issue is I'm not in Jersey where is 5 degrees at 2am in the morning.

I have heard nightmares about these cars on sites like this, and I see the "notifications" from MyCarStats.com as well. You think they would recall this.

I have to mention the water stain (jizz like marks) are a joke, and the fight I have in the morning I have when aligning my key in the ignition to turn it over is getting a little old.

Regardless, I raise my hand in agreement with the starting issue when it's "cold" out. I kept trying to turn her over knowing she would start eventually, or that I would just kill the starter. I noticed that when I engaged the ignition, the 'service engine light' came on. After about 5 minutes of trying randomly, she cranked, caught the engine and I laid my foot on the throttle, and she sputtered. Kept the throttle down to 1800rpm until the temp gauge was halfway. Then I made the trip home. When I got home, I shut the car off and engaged the ignition ... the 'service engine light' was off. Magic I guess.

Do not buy a Saturn.

General Comments:

Seat covers are a joke. Water makes them look like animals had a fluid free for all.

Key is impossible to turn in ignition. Takes constant tries, banging, steering wheel shaking and frustration to get it in the position to turn over.

Suspension sucks. Horrible. Shocks and struts... joke.

Mileage has been slipping as the car gets more miles. Hasn't been driven differently, longer or with different gas.

It's comfy.

Love the location of the instrument pod.

My 2.4 is a bat out of hell. Acceleration is great, impressed in fact.

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Review Date: 3rd January, 2009