2004 Saturn ION 4 door 2.2 ecotek from North America


If they still made 'em, I'd buy another!


When I had my Ion for about 11,000 miles, it started having problems trying to start - nothing would happen, not even a "click" - - I got it towed to the Saturn dealership, and they ended up replacing the ignition switch.

I just had the same thing happen last week, at least now I know what it is - - I had called AAA to come jump start the car, thinking it was very odd, because I had just gotten a new battery last month - - and then it started for no particular reason - - so I am assuming that the ignition switch is going bad again. The first time it was under warranty, now I guess I'll find out what it really costs...

Other than that, I have been very pleased with this car! I get about 36 mpg on the highway (have driven Nashville to Boston and back several times - the seats are very comfortable too) and since it has a manual transmission, I get a lot of "git up" around town.

It has a surprisingly large trunk, and I was rear-ended a few weeks ago, at a red light, and since I was in neutral, I guess it was like kicking a football - - the rear bumper bounced right back into shape, no damage! (the girl that hit me was really happy about that) I have started using synthetic oil, so I'll see how that helps keep down wear and tear on the engine...

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Review Date: 19th December, 2008

2004 Saturn ION Ion-3 Special Edition 2.2L Ecotech from North America


Made with cheap (yet overpriced) GM components


Will not start on cold mornings despite new battery. Dealer claims that the terminal was loose and would not refund diagnosis fee when proven otherwise.

Passenger front and rear windows stopped working. Dealership (erroneously) claimed that 2 new regulators were required. I took it home and found severed and worn wires in drivers side door where insufficient wire protection was installed at the factory. Dealer did refund half of the diagnostic fee.

Vibration in front at highway speeds, and a clunking noise up front when I go over even a minor bump in cold conditions. Most likely worn bushings. Started at 60K miles. I refused to take it to the dealer since they are clearly idiots primarily interested in soaking customers for as much as they can.

Too many loose interior panels and components to list.

The sound system is very nice, but the clock on the radio looses 10 minutes to actual time over approximately a month.

The dealership supposedly changed the oil at one point, but the change oil indicator came on shortly after. I took it to another oil change facility and their belief is that the oil had not been changed for at least 10K miles since it was basically sludge. The dealer (supposedly) did the previous oil change as well. I now change my own oil (painful experience).

General Comments:

I love the location of the instrument panel in the center of the console. This aids in checking speed without taking eyes off the road.

Access to the oil filter is through a plastic cap that is VERY cumbersome to remove without the right tool.

This would be an awesome car if it was not falling apart. It is too bad that GM had to step in and mess up a good thing (Saturn that is). My previous car was a '95 SL and it was great, but based on my experience with this ION, I will not step foot in another Saturn or GM dealership, even though my father is a GM retiree and I get the family member discount.

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Review Date: 5th November, 2008

2004 Saturn ION from North America


It's not safe!!


The car is not reliable leaves you sitting when least expected.  The last two days now, it would not start for 15-20 minutes..  It's quite embarrassing when your going to the gas station fill your car up, then it won't start..  You have a line of people behind you waiting for the pump..  I will never buy another car from Saturn..  The sooner I sell their hunk of junk the better I will feel..

General Comments:

I wouldn't recommend this car to anyone..  Do not buy!!!  It's not safe..  God forbid you have a serious emergency and you are trying to go to the hospital..  The car for no reason at all won't start..

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Review Date: 25th September, 2008

18th Dec 2010, 01:00

Thanks for all these comments, this was making me crazy, it seemed like a security issue, the car is DEAD or starts and dies. But my husband was positive it had only happened in the cold. To learn about the sensor and the warm key is a huge relief. Appreciate it.

Too bad, too, because I really love this car, but not starting is the one problem a car can have that can make you suddenly really hate it. I do want a different car, I live in Connecticut and cold is a fact of life, and I own a car that won't go out when it gets a little chilly! Thanks, again.