2004 Saturn ION 2 from North America


This has been nothing but a headache the two years I have own it


Stalled out while driving at about 100 miles.

Seats stain easily.

Directionals worked when they felt like it and it took taking the car to the dealership and leaving it 3 times before it was fixed.

The "drains" for the sunroof have clogged with debris 3 times already causing a flood in my vehicle. This left water damage and mold in the vehicle. It took me three times of putting up a stink to have mold removed. I was told all cars with sunroofs do this and they can't guarantee it won't happen again.

Car just recently stopped accelerating with red message lights on the dash board. My breaks also wouldn't work. The dealership told me that it had to do with my cruise control and that the brakes not working was a "weird fluke."

The car is horrible in the snow. The vehicle is all over the road.

General Comments:

This car rides nicely, but that is about the only nice thing about it. I wouldn't recommend the purchase of this car to anyone. Even after calling corporate 2 times I didn't get anywhere. Save yourself a headache get a reliable vehicle.

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Review Date: 14th November, 2006

15th Aug 2007, 14:41

As far as your "drain" problem, the answer is quite simple. Remove the debris yourself every time you wash the car. If you do this frequently, you won't get flooding, and thus, no mold. I would also recommend checking the "drains" above your firewall, where the A pillar meets the fender. These have been known to clog on many vehicles, and if you do not remove it, the water will flood into your air vents and into your interior.

28th May 2009, 11:49

Buy winter tires, all season tires are crap when the temp gets to 40 degrees F.

You shouldn't have cheap-ed out and not got the car scotch guarded.

19th Oct 2009, 13:36

I have read several comments on the 2004 Saturn Ion. I am having a different issue than most of you, so if anyone knows what this is, please help. This morning I was driving my best friend's son to school, and noticed that the car was accelerating by itself and it would jerk when I stopped! I then got it home and when I put it in park the RPMs shot up really high, so I turned it off as fast as I could for fear it would blow up! Anyone know what that is?

2004 Saturn ION 2 (Sports Package) from North America


This car is a dream!


The only thing I can say is "bad" about my Ion 2 is that the blinkers are a little sensitive (perhaps a wiring issue?). When I first got the car, the right blinker did not work in the front (but signalled in the back) but it has corrected itself, so I assume it's a short in the wire.

General Comments:

I do love this car.

I came from a 97' Kia Sephia and a 2001 Kia Sportage before that. While I loved the Sportage tremendously, the Sephia left a very sour taste in my mouth when I hear the name "Kia".

While I was never a big Saturn fan, somehow this car won over my heart in the test drive.

I have the coupe Ion 2. Not only is this car visually appealing to me, but it handles like a dream.

I chose the manual transmission because I like to feel like I'm really driving. The seats are VERY comfortable and it's much more spacious than one would think.

I know a lot of people have problems with the "cheap plastic dash" but I really like how it looks. When it's cleaned up really well, it looks great.

I really do love this car and am hoping to continue loving it for a long long time.

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Review Date: 13th November, 2006