2004 Saturn ION 1 from North America


This car is the best


Nothing has gone wrong with the vehicle.

General Comments:

This car is wonderful. I have had no mechanical problems with the car. The car runs smoothly and has many conveniences, for example the radio which stays on when you shut the car off.

The center dash panel took a little getting used to.

I would definitely buy this car again.

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Review Date: 7th October, 2005

2004 Saturn ION from North America


It's a piece of do do!


Well lets see. To date 9-6-05 the drivers seat will not move foward or backwards. The back window makes sounds while moving up and down. Just 2 weeks ago I had gone to start my car and it was dead! The lights werent left on, but it was dead! I had to have road side come and jump it. He told me that it was a "lemon" and that the dealership is always busy. That's suppose to tell you something. The next day it didn't start either. Had it towed to the dealership. They tried telling me that there wasnt anything wrong. They had it for 3 days! And found nothing wrong. Then this past Feb, 2005 The ignition cylinder had to be replaced twice! It wouldn't shut off! And so I had to take out the battery! This went on and on for about a month. I would never go through this again at this dealership! This car is just a high class neon!! Take your money and run! Leave the rebates and 0% there. There is a reason!! And I was smart I bought the extra warranty!!!

Springfield, IL.

General Comments:

Don't buy!!!

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Review Date: 6th September, 2005

2004 Saturn ION 2 from North America


Saturn ION 2 is a milk carton on wheels


I had to have the arm bushings replaced 6 months after having the car. I had the air blower replaced twice due to the fact that it continued to make a awful noise whiled driving. The dealership had to replace a valve of some sort in the transmission as the car was swaying side to side. Currently the air conditioner is leaking inside the car and the floor board is soaking wet. I haven't had this fixed yet, but we need to soon before the carpet mildews.

General Comments:

I originally bought the car because it was low on insurance cost. I test drove it and I was some what satisfied with it. Shortly afterward I realized I had made a tragic mistake. The quality of the interior is really cheap. The seats stain by just looking at them and they are extremely uncomfortable on a trip greater than 30 minute's. I have taken my Saturn to the dealership for service more than my significant other's car which is a 1996 Saturn SL. The quality of Saturn has just gone down the drain. I am so unhappy with this car that I went an bought a new car yesterday and will be putting the Saturn up for sale in a matter of days. I will just take the loss and rack it up as a lesson learned. You get what you pay for and unfortunately, the price of the Saturn ION 2 is the same price as a lot of much better cars out there.

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Review Date: 7th August, 2005

11th Aug 2005, 14:58

My Ion 2, with less than 600 miles on it -haven't even made the 1st payment, is at the dealership now having a new fuel pump installed. I was told this almost never happens and it must be due to the amount of time it sat on the lot. What does that mean?

Sigh. I am certainly a bit anxious that I may have made a mistake also, but this remains to be seen.

It broke my heart to give up my pretty 1995 SL2.

29th Aug 2005, 15:59

My saturn ion is only a year old and in the last month it has been in the dealer 4 differant times for the same problem!! The car just doesn't like to start all the time and yesterday I noticed that my front headlight its starting to fall out!! who's headlight falls out of a practically brand new car???

13th Nov 2005, 11:01

I never had an issue with the seats being uncomfortable. I'm 5'8" and weigh 135lbs. I've driven across the country 6 times and drive 60 miles round trip to school every day. The cloth however is not good quality - the spot from my wallet in my pocket wore the fabric after about 20,000 miles. (Grey Ion-2 fabric, not upgraded)