19th Jan 2007, 10:02

I brought my car to the mechanic the other week to have the same problem addressed. When my mechanic looked at it, they couldn't find the problem (battery tested well, nothing wrong with the alternator or starter). When I brought it there the day after (after spending $1100 on general maintenance that needed to get done anyway) he got in the car and it wouldn't start for him. The next course of action was to look at the idiot lights and there was a security breach flashing on the dashboard. Saturn doesn't know of any security feature on the ION and neither do I. My mechanic looked at the diagrams and we both reviewed them. There are a couple of unexplained modules on the diagrams that could be security checkpoints (incase the radio is removed, unauthorized entry, etc). I had a new key made (no problems for a couple of days). Now the problem is back and Saturn is saying that it is the ignition switch. Let's see what happens now!

25th Jan 2007, 11:48

My '04 Ion 2 is also having problems starting. It's usually in the morning (when it's cold), but not always then. I've had the battery replaced, the intake throttle cleaned out twice, and the fuel filter changed. Now I'm advised the the starter may have corroded, so I'll get that checked next. Of course my mechanic can't re-create the problem. And of course, my 35K-mile warranty just expired. Really, I just want to get my car started without trouble in the morning to get to work on time!

3rd Feb 2007, 22:47

I own a 2004 Ion 2 sport coupe. I am on my third ignition switch. Both times I needed to replace it, it was a damp day (once rain, once snow), and both times, the engine would not start for around 30 minutes. Fortunately, the second time I needed to replace the switch, that part was under warranty though my car was no longer, as the part itself had the 12,000 mile/12 month warranty covering it.

5th Feb 2007, 14:52

I also own a 2004 Ion. Last winter I had problem with cold mornings getting it started. Now that we are in a cold spell again, it doesn't want to start. If I put 'Heat' in and wait a few minutes it starts fine. My husband thinks there is some condensation in the engine. I was checking on line to see if others are having problems and found this site. I hope I can find some help somewhere. Looks like this model has some issues.

6th Feb 2007, 09:01

I have been looking around to find info about Ions. I am actually thinking about buying a 2004 Ion 2, with 50k on it, and reading these comments is scary! I live in a place where it's cold, freezing, for months. Don't know what to do!

6th Mar 2007, 12:45

I own a 2004 Saturn ION. I know what the problem is and I’m sorry that some of you have spent so much $$ to resolve your car problems. In the past three years I have had the PASS LOCK SENSOR replaced twice. What is the PASS LOCK SENSOR? If it is cold outside your car does not recognize your key and therefore, the PASS LOCK SENSOR thinks your car is being stolen! If you warm up your key then your car will start! The PASS LOCK SENSOR is covered under warranty and if you are lucky under extended warranty!

7th Mar 2007, 22:14

I hope you are right, I just started having the problem of my car not starting in the morning randomly... and it stinks!! I like my ion, but I need it to start reliably and I can't afford to replace all sorts of switches and starters on a wild goose chase.

14th Mar 2007, 12:28

There appears to be numerous (!!!) cold weather ignition switch related issues regarding the 200x IONx. Fortunately, for some as myself, have thankfully not experienced these issues ('04 ION3, 57000 kms) and I often start-up in -35 to -40C (-40F) temperatures (Canada). Not once has the car failed to start on the first cold (or wet weather) crank. I am wondering if a certain batch of U.S. bound IONs were affected only. However, I find this hard to believe since all of the IONs were made in Springhill, TN. In addition to the colder winter region, there is heavy road salt spray which is hell on electrical systems. So far (fingers crossed), no such electrical issues have been experienced on my ION.

23rd Mar 2007, 13:43

My '04 Ion all of a sudden has been making a ticking noise which appears to be coming from the left dashboard area right in front of the steering wheel. Also, the gauges flash on and off when this ticking noise is going on. Car has 43K miles and other than this it is great!

4th Sep 2007, 18:54

I have a 2004 Saturn Ion...and it does not start in the winter. I have called the Saturn Dealer and the have advised me that the ignition switch needed to be replaced and it was a recurring problem in a lot of ions. I asked if this is such a widespread problem, why is there not a recall. It became very frustrating trying to get places on time. Some mornings it would fire up fine, get to the gas station, and I would be stranded at the gas station. If I parked it in the garage, then it would be perfectly fine. I purchased mine with 23,000 miles on it in 2005. I have put quite a few miles on it and now the cruise control has selective cooperation and only works on rare occasions. I am very unpleased with everything this car is cracked up to be.

13th Sep 2007, 13:46

Seats do stain easily. Gas cap not tight, had to replace 2x because loose cap meant "check engine" light came on, freaked me out the first time. Key not working, as if it's worn down - have to put key in EXACTLY the right position or it won't turn. Only 80,000 on car. Weather stripping around doors coming off, had to reglue. Other than that, mine has been very reliable.

25th Nov 2007, 00:04

I have a 2004 Ion. At 30000 miles the ignition switch was replaced. It worked fine until it got cold the next winter. Now if it gets below 45 degrees the car won't start for at least 10 minutes, sometimes up to 30, of course in increments of the security system reset. My current remedy overnight at least is to put a small heater in the car, plugged into my garage, and when I go out in the morning, it starts fine. This is a Saturn Issue that needs fixed by Saturn. It is not an owner caused issue. Other than this I like the car, I bought it new and have 90000 miles on it now. Come on Saturn, fix your issues.

30th Dec 2007, 14:35

I also have an ion with starting problems. I found that just a slight jump from another car fixes the problem every time. Why? Could it be the battery? but the lights work, etc. This has happened 3 times. The battery checked out low 1 time only. Can anyone give me anything other than anecdotal solutions?

3rd Jan 2008, 08:45

2004 Saturn Ion2. Awesome gas mileage when it starts. Cold weather below 20 degrees it does not like to start. Wait 10 minutes it then works. Has been in the dealership 5 times now and 3 ignition switches 1st one at 30k then 60, then 70k. Sounds ridiculous to me. Starter, battery, and alternator test OK. Saturn needs to work the bugs out that's for sure.