26th Jan 2011, 21:52

I have experienced the same problem with my 2004 Saturn Ion 3. Car not starting, wait ten minutes and it starts. I have experienced this in cold and hot weather. After sitting for hours, and also after running for a minute to move the car from the driveway. If it is bad grease, why is the grease good after ten minutes? If it is a bad switch, why is the switch good after ten minutes. It has to be a computer problem. Probably why Saturn never addressed it publicly. So many solutions, but I guess the "white wire" solution sounds most feasible. I have this issue happen to me a handful of times a year (like a half dozen). So I won't really know if the solution works for a year or so. I am on my third Saturn, and I am a fan of the original concept of the cars and the company. Too bad it all changed to s**t over the years. Saturn was actually gone years ago.

30th Mar 2011, 12:34

Power steering was a recall. If you didn't like the seats you maybe shouldn't have bought it?

21st Jun 2011, 10:41

Same thing is happening with my Saturn 2004. Is there anything that can be done for it?

21st Jul 2011, 08:20

I own a 2004 Saturn Ion... 181,000 miles... always starts just fine for me, even in negative temps.

11th Nov 2011, 07:44

I bought a secondhand 2004 Saturn Ion. Last winter I started to have the same pass lock problems that everyone else has. We waited it out, thinking it was just the cold weather, did the 30 minute reset.. everything. It was intermittent, so we did not worry too much.

Summer arrived, and my husband paid to have remote entry installed, due to a suggestion from this site. We did not want this winter to be like last year. I can start my car with the push of a button on my key chain. It worked fine until this week when it started getting colder; we live in Florida. My engine wants to turn over, but can't make the complete revolution. My running lamps don't come on when the engine does start, and they stopped flashing when I attempt to remote entry; a feature of the keyless remote. All of the idiot lights/dash/headlights/turn signals/radio/power everything works! It drives me nuts that I have to get a jump EVERY time I start the darn thing. Husband thought it was battery related, so we just installed a new one. Still not fixed. My car is a work in progress because I can't afford to replace it. I loved having the remote when it worked. I wish the remote was the answer, but it is not the needed fix to keep the car starting every time.

31st Aug 2014, 16:04

I was having the same issues with my 2004 Saturn Ion. Would not start if the temp was below a certain degree. What I did was cut the wire in the steering column and put it on a switch. So now when the temps drop in the winter, I simply throw the switch (while engine is still running); this disables the passcode and car starts first time every time. When I no longer need the passcode disabled (warmer weather), I just throw the switch in the other direction. I do have to have the engine running or it will not work when the switch is thrown. There are howtos on YouTube.

29th Feb 2016, 10:07

If your BATTERY is DEAD every few days, that WOULD be an ALTERNATOR problem! Either a loose or worn belt or just a bad alternator.