15th Jan 2008, 17:08

I have a 2004 Ion and it started last January not wanting to start on cold mornings. Once it got warm, I didn't have any problems even if it rained. This winter it has been horrible. Everytime we have a cold snap, it won't start, if there is a frost or any snow or rain, it won't start. Jumping it won't start it, but always if you wait 10 minutes it will usually start-this site has helped me so much to find that I'm not the only one having this problem and that I'm not crazy about waiting the 10 minutes for it to start, didn't know that was the reset time for the pass lock sensor. Thank you all so much for sharing your problems-hopefully we can get it fixed!

22nd Jan 2008, 15:15

I bought a used 2004 Saturn Ion 3 this past November. I love the car, but the check engine light has come on two times. Each time the dealership checked the car, they determined the gas cap was loose. However, I had put the cap back on properly.

The check engine light came on again today. I checked the gas cap and it is on as tight as it will go. My understanding is the check engine light will go off after 5 days. Is this correct? I really don't want to pay another $60.00 just to be told the gas cap is loose when it's on as tight as it can go.

The car isn't acting up or making strange sounds, so I really think it's the gas cap again.

Anyone else have this problem?

24th Jan 2008, 06:31

I also have been having problems with my 2004 Saturn Ion not starting especially on cold days. I too was told it was the ignition switch when I brought it to Saturn. The switch was then replaced, it worked for a little while, the next time I brought it to a different shop for repair, they said the battery had a bad cell in it so I bought a new battery with a good warranty on it. In less than a year the problems started again, and again I was told that the battery had a bad cell in it. The latest battery was in the car a whole week before the problems started again. This car apparently has a drain on the battery even then the ignition switch is off. Even though the people at Saturn say they do not know what is causing the problem, they probably do. I am sure glad we got rid of our second 2004 Ion before it started to have problems too.

28th Jan 2008, 14:56

I am having the exact same problem on my 2004 Saturn Ion-2. I live in Wisconsin, and the darn thing won't start once or twice a week in the winter. I'm going to plagiarize one of the last entries because it fits me to a tee.

14th Feb 2008, 10:00

I have a 2004 Saturn ION also and having the same problem. I DO NOT think that any of us should have to pay for something that is happening to a ton of us and is apparently a defect in this make/model. Maybe we all should go on Saturn's website and post our comments or better yet call the HQ in Nashville. I think that this is something the Saturn should be doing a recall on.

3rd Mar 2008, 01:10

I have had my 2004 Saturn Ion2 for 3 years now. I had no problems until this winter. Now I don't like the car either. I can't wait to trade it in. It randomly won't start. It has more starting problems when it is cold. I have taken it to the mechanic 3 time in 3 months. It checks out find every time. I was thinking it was just my car. I will have to try the warming of the key. Thanks for the information.

13th Mar 2008, 13:41

There is an easy way for anyone having this issue to contact Saturn.


Let Saturn know your comments. Maybe they will do something about it.



20th Mar 2008, 13:51

I am having a similar problem as the rest of you with my 2004 ION 2 not starting sometimes. My issue however, is when I fill the tank. Every time that I fill the gas tank it takes at least 2 attempts for it to turn over. It will sound like it wants to turnover but it will not. I took it to the dealer and they jumped to the conclusion of the ignition switch which did not fix the issue. Any one have any similar issues or any suggestions on the possible problem.

26th Mar 2008, 15:35

My 04 Ion won't start during extreme cold weather. I would like to clarify this by saying that the starter will turn the engine about a half revolution and then just stop. It's a manual transmission, it acts as if I let the clutch out while trying to crank it.

This happened the first time when the car had less than 2000 miles on it. The dealer couldn't duplicate so there was nothing done. The problem shows back up when temp is subzero. I have talked to the dealer and they act as if they've never heard of this problem before.

Since they omitted to enter my gripe in the dealership computer, dealer wants to charge for any further troubleshooting of this problem now that the car is out of warranty. A word to the wise... Always make sure the dealer has entered your gripe on the printout sheet, it is a permanent record of the car's service history

3rd Aug 2008, 23:31

I am having the very same problem with my 2004 Saturn Ion. I had gotten a new battery and when my car sits for a few days or a week I can't start it. I charged the battery but then again if it sits it will not start. At first when this happened and I would charge my car it would run great for awhile. This does not only happen in cold weather but when it rains or humid weather. Do I need to get an ignition switch and if so does anyone know what the cost is? I am tired of my car not starting. Other than that I have not had any other problems with the car.

9th Aug 2008, 08:25

I have a 2004 Saturn Ion and it has the pass lock problem as well. This is the first American car I bought, and so far it has been the worst car I have ever owned. It looks great on outside, but I have clocked in the past month; 41 attempts, only 14 were successful, the rest I had to wait for 10 minutes. This car is very unreliable and I hate having to leave for work 20 minutes early just to start it.

9th Sep 2008, 23:29

I was the owner of a 2004 Ion. I just traded it. To all the owners of Ions, don`t open your trunk too many times. It will break.

Also I had about 50,000 miles when the power steering went out. Saturn charged me $995.00.

Seat covers were disgusting. I was ashamed for anyone to see the seats in my car.