30th Jan 2010, 12:16

Well, this morning I got zilch when I tried to start my 2004 Ion... not even after the so called "10 minute rule".

I have to get rid of this crappy car.

2nd Feb 2010, 11:56

I bought a 2004 Ion for my son with 93,000k a few months ago. I really liked the car and the great gas mileage.

We started have starting problems when it gets cold. I replaced the battery. I had to jump it once, and now it is sitting in my driveway and I have to tow it to the repair shop. I'm glad I read this blog. It was very helpful and may may save me some repair dollars. Thank you.

Not looking forward to paying repair bills for an engineering defect that GM won't fix. I bought a used Civic for my other son. Hopefully, it will be more reliable. I don't think there will be another GM car in my future, because safety and reliability are the 2 key factors...

16th Mar 2010, 23:43

56,500 miles on my Saturn Ion and I already feel like I have to replace it. I bought my car in August 2005 and it has been in the shop 5 times now. Twice for the engine, twice for the suspension, once for the transmission.

I paid around $10,000 for my Saturn when I bought it, and over 5 years I've put nearly $5000 in repairs into it. The car is plain awful.

7th Apr 2010, 22:37

Quite the family we have here! Too bad it is not a happy family.

Bought my 04 Ion brand new, and have not/will not stick money into it.

Although I have not had problems starting the car (it is kept in a garage), I have problems with the coolant light (coolant is full with no bubbles in line), and now check engine light (something to do with the control module).

I am concerned about future electrical problems with lights and accessories, as the radio has "issues" of turning off when changing stations, changing to wrong preset, not changing to CD or back to radio, cannot get clock to reset, etc. The car also has the standard vibration/bushing/swaybar/tire-wear/noise issues, too.

Quite frankly, I am hoping it either cures itself or gets totaled! What was that about a Class Action (we all know what would happen if WE made and sold something with all these problems, and then sent it out on the highway to co-mingle with the general public! Where is the DOT in all this?)???

21st Apr 2010, 14:42

My wife and I had considered buying a Saturn Ion 04. After checking this post out, I have decided not to buy it. I appreciate everyone's comments.

12th May 2010, 22:01

I am so thankful that I found this website and read through the posts. I was considering buying a 2004 ION tomorrow, but now I will be calling to tell them no thank you. This site has been a blessing. Sorry for all of your troubles!!!

21st Jun 2010, 19:37

I have had my 2004 Saturn Ion for 6 years having bought it new. The ignition was "eating" my keys, so it wouldn't start. They replaced the ignition, and it no longer does that, but they told me not to put the key in all the way, since it is longer than it needs to be. It does not start on a regular basis. I have had it in the dealership many times, and they always acted surprised and confused as to what this could be. Now I see that it is really common. I called them today, and will take the car in on Wednesday. I really want it to be fixed, it needs to be reliable.

4th Jul 2010, 18:43

Thank you so much for this website. I have had and am having the same issues. Already had the ignition switch replaced.

My latest issue is the vibration coming from the engine. This occurs both with the air conditioning unit running and not.

After the car not starting. I was told the battery was not good and to have it replaced. I took it to the dealership they ran a diagnostic. No codes found and they were stumped. I mentioned the vibration issue and turned on the air conditioning unit waiting for the vibration. (failed to tell him happens even with the air conditioning off)

I have 143,000 on this vehicle. Really liked the car. Good power, and handles well. Not willing to put any more money in the car when the same issues keep happening.

6th Jul 2010, 15:25

I have a 2004 Ion, and I have the same issues as everyone else. In the winter time, I am not able to start the car. We have gotten the battery replaced 3 times, and it still does the same thing. However, when I put a hot towel over the battery for about three minutes, it starts just fine. This makes no sense to me.

I've also had to get the steering column replaced, which cost over 900 dollars. I had to do this because I would be driving down the interstate, or any other road, and the power steering would just turn off! I don't know how that is NOT a safety recall.

Then, after having the steering column replaced, every time it rained my car would flood. The driver's side would have water leaking in through a small drawer next to the steering wheel. Somehow that stopped on its own after about 5 months. Now there is a disgusting mildew smell that will never come out, due to the floor having gotten wet (three inches of water was in my floorboard at one point).

This car is honestly terrible. I currently live in the south where it is mostly warm all year, but the car doesn't even start when it gets to about 45 degrees Fahrenheit. I am planning on moving further north, and I guess I will just have to sell this car... that is, if anyone will buy it. If you don't know whether to get one of these, I urge you... Don't!

25th Aug 2010, 21:52

My 2004 Ion has some kind of weird electrical problems. Sometimes the windows don't work and sometimes they do. The trunk will randomly pop open while driving down the street. The parking lamps only work some times. Any ideas?

21st Sep 2010, 22:18

I have owned my 2004 ION since it pulled off the truck & didn't have any problems until I moved from OK to northeast WA.

I had my starter replaced twice because "my keychain was too heavy", but it's nice to know I wasn't crazy for thinking it was a cold weather problem.

I'm on here because I'm having problems with my backup switch going out (reverse lights). Anyone else had problems with this? Other than that, I'm just waiting for the power steering to go out :)

Anyone else get that recall notice?

27th Sep 2010, 12:24

I bought a 2004 Saturn Ion after a car accident back in December for a good deal. At the time, 4000 seemed like a deal to this seemingly perfect car. It's not a deal if you can't use the car in the 1st place. Every now and then, my car just won't start. It seems like it wants to by trying to turnover sometimes. Or sometimes it doesn't do anything when I turn the key. As of now, my car been in my driveway since yesterday. When I try to start it, it makes a clicking noise like a click every second, which seems to be coming from under the hood. I tried warming the key, and I'm going to try cutting the wire. I just have to get it to start in order to cut the wire... I'm going to sell this car ASAP.